Into the mountains - out to sea
With the new PRO TREK PRW-2500-1ER from Casio, action is the headword.

Norderstedt, November 2011 – With the new PRO TREK PRW-2500-1ER from Casio, action is the headword. Thanks to its extreme athletic qualities, this timepiece is perfect for any kind of outdoor adventure. A hike in South Tyrol or climbing at dizzying altitudes in the Himalayas – its digital compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer will turn any hiker into an alpinist. The multiband 6 radio signal reception provides the exact time on every peak and the TOUGH SOLAR technology feeds the watch with environmentally friendly energy.

But the PRW-2500 can do even more: thanks to its water resistance up to 20 bar, high and low tide indicator and moon data display, it also feels at home in water. Trend sports are double the fun. Sailing, kiting, river climbing or rafting - all of them are no problem with this sporty watch. The striking black appearance of the model harmonizes perfectly with the easy-to-read Duplex LC Display. The rugged haptics of the large and easy-to-operate buttons as well as the comfortable resin wristband turn the PRO TREK into an indispensable outdoor companion in every terrain – whether at sea level or at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

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