CASIO's next-generation of handheld terminals
With a more ergonomic grip and a range of technical highlights, the DT-X400 series promises more efficiency within transportation, logistics and retail.

CASIO Europe GmbH has announced the release of four new handheld terminals for mobile data capture from the DT-X400 series. Improved usability, a new design and a selection of technical features allow quicker and easier data recording, increasing mobile data input efficiency across the logistics and retail sectors long-term.

Whether in the warehouse, during transportation or in retail, the innovative design hugely simplifies daily operations. An ergonomically optimised handle, touch-friendly domed buttons and a rubberised case lend themselves to secure handling and optimal usability at all angles. “Even when barcodes and data are positioned awkwardly, the DT-X400 models offer stress-free operation,” explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of Mobile Industrial Solutions at CASIO Europe GmbH.“ Four trigger keys at the top, bottom and sides of the terminal enable effortless scanning.”

CASIO’s new DT-X400 uses the advantages the Android OS offers, including increased compatibility and more opportunities for developers. A host of apps available on phones or tablets can be installed on the device.

Despite weighing only 260g, the DT-X400 series come equipped with a 3.2 inch high definition display for enhanced readability. No special tool is required for the screen either. A finger, a glove or a simple pen suffices, even for signature capture.

The new handheld terminals are designed to survive tough conditions with all models complying with IP67 for their dust and waterproof qualities1. They’re also designed to withstand being dropped from a height of 3 metres. A 30 hour battery life2 offers a high level of basic operating performance 24/7.

Models DT-X400-C21 and DT-X400-WC21 come fitted with a camera and NFC. The DT-X400-WC21 can connect to a mobile network allowing direct and real-time data transfer to users in transportation and other industries. It also supports voice calls for smoother operation.

1: Dust cannot penetrate the device. Water cannot penetrate the device when temporarily submerged at constant water pressure.
2: When used in JEITA G mode.

Press contact
Thomas Uppenkamp
Casio Europe GmbH
Mobile Industrial Solutions
Casio-Platz 1
D-22848 Norderstedt
Tel.: +49 (0)40 528 65-407

CASIO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Since it was founded in 1957, the company has employed groundbreaking technology and innovative design to develop new products, guided by their motto “creativity and contribution”.

Today, CASIO’s global product range comprises watches, digital cameras, mobile phones*, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, projectors, cash register systems, mobile terminals and electronic components* like LCDs.

*Not in Europe

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