Eighties flashback with CASIO Collection

Norderstedt, September 2011 - Retro is back in style, but not all highlights of the eighties have made a comeback. Perms, Game Boys and giant shoulder pads remain consigned to old photo albums as comical relics of the eighties. One fad that is experiencing a revival, though, is Casio's casual digital watch, which took on a must-have status in the eighties thanks to Michael J. Fox in his role as Marty McFly in "Back to the future". The more the retro watch resembles the original, the better! The new Casio A159WGEA-1EF is leading the way - a gold-coloured, stainless steel wrist band, a solid, octagonal casing and a practical digital display. What more does a retro enthusiast need?

Fans are really spoilt for choice, as the new Casio collection is not only available in fashionable black-and-gold, but also in black-and-silver and silver-and-beige. Timeless colour combinations - anywhere at any time. Back to the future without a time machine - with this trio of cult timepieces from Casio you can!

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