CASIO'S EXILIM TRYX EX-TR100 takes two titles at the Plus X Award.
The EXILIM TRYX is named "Best Photo Camcorder of 2011" and takes the prize for "Innovation, Design and Easy Operation" too.

Norderstedt, Germany, 31. August 2011 - At this year's Plus X Award, the new CASIO EXILIM TRYX EX-TR100 was victorious twice - the innovative camera concept with a rotating and swivelling frame including a 7.6-cm touch screen convinced the jury in two categories. In the "Product" category, the EXILIM TRYX EX-TR100 was voted "Best Photo Camcorder of 2011". Moreover, the camera concept was awarded the prize for "Innovation, Design and Easy Operation".

The time when ugly, clunky cameras quickly disappeared into your handbag or jacket pocket once they had served their purpose has passed. The EXILIM TRYX has raised the benchmark in design. Anyone who places value in style, outstanding design and convincing technology will want to be seen with this camera. But it's not just the camera's appearance that's extraordinary. The new EXILIM product is extremely versatile and doesn't shy away from contorting itself - thanks to the innovative rotating and swivelling frame, the camera with a rotating 7.6-cm touch screen captures brilliant photos and films from the most diverse angles. Held in any way you wish, hung on the wall or folded out on a solid base - no other camera is this flexible. A 21-mm wide-angle lens enables the EXILIM TRYX to take photos in small interior spaces easily, or pictures close up.

"Both awards the TRYX received demonstrate it was worth floating the idea of an innovative camera concept with unique design and easy operation. Thanks to its flexibility, photos and films can be captured with ease, even from extraordinary perspectives", according to Sigbert Laakmann, Product Manager for Digital Imaging at CASIO Europe GmbH.

The heart of the EXILIM TRYX is the new EXILIM Engine HS combined with a 12.1-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. The EXILIM Engine HS successfully masters challenges, such as taking photos with backlighting, at night or in difficult lighting conditions. The EXILIM TRYX comes with a full-HD-video function for recording films perfectly that transforms the camera into a unique camcorder at the touch of a button.
The integrated HDR technology combines several captured images with different levels of exposure to create a unique, brilliant photo with a high depth of contrast. And if you want to furnish your photos with artistic photo effects, the HDR Art mode lets you do this. Moreover, thanks to the panorama function, the EXILIM TRYX lets you capture panoramas up to 360°. Simply film the motif - the camera then develops breathtaking panoramic photos from what you've captured.

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