The EDIFICE Time Machine
Small screws for big-time success

A new form of innovative thinking. Mechanisms in which a tiny detail triggers one event after the other. This enthusiasm for technology and precision is exactly the focus pursued by EDIFICE. A passion for speed and intelligent technologies is deeply rooted in its brand core. For years, EDIFICE has drawn its inspiration from the great emotions of motor racing and will be lining up for the start with a powerful partner – Scuderia Toro Rosso. In this successful partnership, the fascination with precise technology can be sensed by the second.

Smart technology, precise structural designs and dovetailing mechanisms are also crucial to the success of three chain reaction machines used to "test" the EDIFICE EQB-800 as part of the EDIFICE Timecheck.

Chain reaction machines are devices that perform simple tasks by means of complex chain reactions. These so-called "nonsense machines" have a timeless appeal deriving from the fascination of mechanical systems and their extraordinary capacity to inspire amazement and enthusiasm. Perfect timing and 100-per-cent accuracy in the set-up are the requirements for a smoothly functioning chain reaction mechanism – often a mere nuance will clinch success!

The EDIFICE Timecheck includes original components from Scuderia Toro Rosso racing cars: it involves three chain reaction machines that present an entertaining test of some of the basic functions of the Connected Watch EQB-800 – the TimeSync function, the Tough Solar function and the waterproof function. Nothing is left to chance here – just like in Formula 1® racing itself. The drivers have to be able to rely on the technology, and this applies in the same way to the team's official timekeepers.

The first test set-up is dedicated to the TimeSync function where the watch is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth®, thereby enabling local time to be set by simply pressing a button. The EQB-800's solar function is demonstrated in another test which involves the watch being pushed under a lamp. This is not done by hand, however: after a circuitous detour, this task is performed by a brake disc – one of the original motor racing components. Finally, the third machine tests the waterproof function of the watch by means of a champagne shower.

The EQB-800 has much more to offer, too. In addition to Time Sync, solar power and waterproofing up to 10 bar, the EQB-800 offers a practical phone finder function, dual time display, target time display for use in sports – allowing the wearer to check each lap time on the circuit at a quick glance – and the practical timer function. Technical gadgetry that offers genuine benefits!

Support for retail outlets
The Time Machine concept is the biggest social media campaign EDIFICE has ever launched. All activities on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide a link to a specially designed landing page which prominently displays the list of retail outlets. In this way, CASIO EDIFICE is able to ensure the campaign provides optimum support for retailers.

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