The new Ultra Short Throw projector from CASIO provides a solution with a vision for schools
High illuminative performance, long life time and maximum technical flexibility: the XJ-UT310WN from CASIO means that in future, lessons will be a multimedia experience.

Norderstedt, June 2014 - CASIO is launching a new Ultra Short Throw projector in July: the new XJ-UT310WN model, with which it is possible to project an image with an about 2m (80-inch) diagonal measurement from a distance of 27 cm, offers ideal conditions for highly efficient and long-term use in schools. The model also sets new benchmarks with regard to sustainability, cost-efficiency and maintenance requirements: the projector is equipped with the revolutionary mercury-free Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source from CASIO, which combines a high illuminative performance of up to 3,100 ANSI lumens with a long life time of up to 20,000 hours without lamp replacement. When used in schools, this means a life time of 15 years in which the projector is used six hours a day, 220 days a year. When it comes to cost and energy-efficiency, energy costs can be reduced by up to 40% compared with conventional mercury projectors.

Specially designed for the XJ-UT310WN Ultra Short Throw projector, an application has been developed that could shape the lessons of tomorrow. This highly innovative app allows modern media such as tablets and smartphones to be easily incorporated into lessons and opens up whole new possibilities when it comes to lesson design. As a result, teachers and students are presented with countless possibilities for interactively shaping lessons. Once installed on a tablet or smartphone, the app can be used to directly connect to the projector. Whether from the teacher's desk or elsewhere in the classroom, the presentation is projected wirelessly in large-screen format. The person giving the presentation is able to move freely around the room and interact with their students - making classic front-of-the-classroom teaching a thing of the past. During the frequently hectic school day, the projector remote control is often not to hand. No problem with the CASIO app, which features an integrated remote control. Finally, the app makes it possible to integrate content that has been worked out during the lesson into the presentation in real time and show it directly. All edits can be saved at any time and reused later. This also applies to photos taken on a tablet or smartphone, which can be incorporated into the presentation in real time. Real-time integration of Web content into a presentation is also possible via a tablet or smartphone if Internet access is available.

With the new Ultra Short Throw projector, CASIO increases the flexibility of teachers' everyday work in another way, too - the XJ-UT310WN from CASIO can be integrated into the school network. In this way, presentations can be saved directly on the projector of a specific classroom - external storage devices like USB sticks are no longer necessary.

There are also other reasons to install the XJ-UT310WN Ultra Short Throw projector in schools: this model works perfectly when installed together with an interactive whiteboard. This combination provides a forward-looking tool with a long life time for modern lessons, thanks above all to the mercury-free Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source. The projector also boasts high compatibility with existing whiteboards, since presentations can be shown in both WXGA format (16:10) and XGA format (4:3).

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