Mercury-free technology in CASIO projectors
Ten years before the statutory deadline, the company already foregoes the dangerous heavy metal in its entire range of projectors

Norderstedt, January 2014 — The company has once again proven that technologies from CASIO are advanced and environmentally-friendly: Just a few weeks ago, 92 countries, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, signed the Minamata convention. They pledged to cease the production as well as the import and export of products containing mercury as of 2020. This also applies to conventional mercury lamps in projectors. CASIO got a ten year jump on this deadline and has already banned the highly-poisonous heavy metal from its projectors. With this, the company is the only manufacturer of projectors worldwide who, since 2010, has already switched its entire range of products over to a mercury-free light source — the hybrid laser and LED light source developed specially by CASIO.

The projectors not only manage without mercury, they also convince due to their energy efficiency: The electricity consumption of comparable devices from other manufacturers¹ is considerably higher than the models from the CASIO Standard series, with which one can save up to 30% in energy costs.

The name of the mercury convention comes from the Minamata disease. In the 1950’s, a chemical company piped water containing mercury into the ocean by the Japanese harbour city of this name. Roughly 50,000 people ate contaminated fish from these waters and suffered massive mercury poisoning. The nerve-damaging effects of the heavy metal are also known from other sources. CASIO is a step ahead of its industry — and today is already demonstrating that there are definitely innovative and environmentally-friendly alternatives to mercury.

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¹Status January 2014

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