G-SHOCK Utility Black

Norderstedt, March 1st, 2022 - G-SHOCK announces new models within the popular 2100 series. 

Three new watches expand the ever-growing 2100 family and come along with hip colorways in utility design. 


Life's journey requires a timeless artifact to accompany urban survivalists on their journeys, from the steepest heights and rockiest peaks to the liveliest cities and the fast pace of urban streets. The G-SHOCK GA-2100 Utility Black Series is the indestructible capsule collection for modern explorers that can withstand anything that comes its way. 


The GA-2100-1A2ER, GA-2100-1A4ER and the hero model, the GA-2100-1A3ER, are based on one of G-SHOCK's most popular designs, the all-black GA-2100, with fluorescent features adding minimalist highlights to the new additions. 


The hands of the digital-analog combination model, as well as the day of the week indicator and hour markers, clearly stand out playing off the deep black of the strap, bezel, and dial in blue, green, and orange. 

The interplay of accurate and functional design with colorful and modern highlights is currently seen in contemporary, predominantly urban street styles, often reminiscent of military uniforms from a dystopian science fiction epic. 

The new Utility Black series skillfully ties futuristic, simultaneously classic design and high functionality together. In addition, neon colors are also a distinctive feature of fashion and accessories of the 80s, the birth decade 

of G-SHOCK. 


Launched in 2019, the basic GA-2100 model is based on the concept of the DW-5000C, the very first G-SHOCK, but features an impressive combination of digital and analog displays, as well as a particularly slim profile and a distinctive octagonal design. 


The three new models, GA-2100-1A2ER, GA-2100-1A3ER and GA-2100-1A4ER, will be available from March 3rd, 2022, via g-shock.eu/en for an MSRP of 99.90 euros. 

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