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Innovative inventory-taking aid

Europe's most successful service provider for inventory management and inventory outsourcing, the Ivalis Group, has opted in favour of 6000 Casio DT-X7 scanner terminals to support its customers' inventory-taking work, and has selected Casio partner Infos France S.A. as its system integrator.

Today, L'Inventoriste S.A., founded in France in 1991, is one of Europe's leading service companies for inventory outsourcing and inventory management. With subsidiaries and branches in 19 countries, the company, which trades under the name of Ivalis, carries out over 5000 inventories a year for its clients. Among the service provider's clients is the Groupe Mulliez in France, which comprises France's 30 largest retailers. IVALIS customers therefore include a number of chains of food shops, sports shops, footwear and textile shops, as well as garden centres, DIY shops and pharmacies. In working with these customers, the inventory service provider benefits from the continuous growth experienced by the retail sector, the significant demands for professional inventory management required by this industry, and from the fact that many countries specify that inventories must be taken by a third party. Ivalis offers two options when it comes to inventory outsourcing. One is the full-service inventory, with which the service provider is responsible for all phases of the inventory-taking process and provides both the personnel and technical equipment for the work. The other option involves the customer drawing on the technical and logistical support of Ivalis but using in-house staff for the process itself. With both options, the inventory-taking team work on site using sophisticated hardware and software solutions - including scanner terminals, which every employee uses for mobile data recording purposes. The Casio hand-held scanners that have been in use since 1995 have now been replaced with new, considerably more efficient devices from Casio's DT-X7 series. The application software installed on the hand-held terminals guides the employees through the inventory, while they can record the item and storage location data quickly and reliably using the barcode scanner and can record the relevant amounts determined.

A total of 6000 hand-held terminals were included in the framework agreement drawn up for all Ivalis branch offices by the Casio partner in France, Infos France S.A., in its role as system integrator. "We are delighted that Ivalis has once again opted in favour of hand-held terminals from CASIO", says Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the Mobile Industrial Solutions division at CASIO Europe GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany. "In addition to a robust and extremely ergonomic hand-held terminal delivering the highest level of investment security, our partner in France offers its customers the best possible service, as well as first-rate support." With the DT-X7, Casio has developed a particularly easy-to-use hand-held terminal that, thanks to its ergonomic S-shape and convenient size, enables the operating elements to be used comfortably and without straining. The DT-X7 operates on Windows® CE and boasts a wide variety of interfaces and connection options. The quick and powerful scanners support data recording processes in an efficient and reliable manner. Aside from the low weight and ergonomic features of the DT-X7 device, the target-focused project management services offered by Infos and Casio played a crucial role in the decision to use the product. The particularly powerful battery, which is charged in the 20-slot charging stations available at Ivalis, last considerably longer than a single day shift. "In particular, we value the ergonomics and ease of use offered by the DT-X7 from Casio when it comes to performing our inventories. What's more, thanks to the efficient support provided by our partner Infos, it was possible to adapt the terminal so that it fully meets our requirements", confirmed Sébastien Ricco, DSI.

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Recording inventories at customers' premises using the Casio DT-X7 (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)

The hand-held terminals guide the IVALIS employees through the inventory, while they can record the item and storage location data quickly and reliably using the barcode scanner, and can record the relevant amounts determined using clearly laid-out screens.

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