Casio to Release G-SHOCK Featuring Successive Master of G Characters
Signature characters brought back to life in camouflage design


Norderstedt, June 15, 2022 — Casio Europe GmbH announced today the latest addition to its G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches. The DW-5600GU-7 features past characters from Master of G models designed for use on land and in the sea and air, all distilled into one timepiece.


The face and band of the DW-5600GU-7ER is entirely covered in a camouflage design styled from iconic characters once engraved on the case back of Master of G watches. Of all G-SHOCK watches, the Master of G line has won over adventurers looking to challenge the limits of toughness. This latest addition brings back to life 18 of the line’s characters, including the iconic frog from the FROGMAN series, the mole from the MUDMAN series, as well as the RANGEMAN wild cat. The band and bezel are specially designed to feature the distinctive traits of each character, making them easy to recognize amid the camouflage.


These highly individual characters are laid out in a camouflage design with a basic black-and-white color scheme for a stylish, cool design.




Layout designed to make characters 
easy to recognize



Water Resistance20 Bar
Stopwatch1/100 second (00’00”00 to 59’59”99) / 1 second (1:00’00 to 23:59’59); measuring capacity: 23:59’59; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time
Countdown TimerMeasuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 24 hours; countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours (1-second increments); auto-repeat
AlarmMulti-function alarm; hourly time signal
Other FunctionsFull auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; EL backlight with afterglow; flash alert: flashes with buzzer that sounds for alarms; hourly time signals; countdown timer
Accuracy at Normal Temperature±15 seconds per month
Battery Life2 years on CR2016
Size of Case48.9 × 42.8 × 13.4mm
Total WeightApprox. 56g 


18 Iconic Characters Featured on DW-5600GU-7ER

The first character, the diving frog, was engraved on the back of the case of the first FROGMAN watch, the DW-6300, in 1993 in the hope that this expression of the playful G-SHOCK spirit would make users fall in love with the different Master of G series. Each subsequent model has used a unique character that embodied the series features.


Engraved on the first FROGMAN, the DW-6300.* The frog wears diving gear in a nod to the watch’s specifications for scuba diving.



Engraved on the MRG-1100* FROGMAN, a fully equipped diver’s watch conforming to ISO standards and a full-metal MR-G watch with a shock-resistant structure. The character is a swimming frog holding an underwater scooter.



Engraved on the GWF-1000, the first FROGMAN equipped to receive time calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world. The robot-style frog holds an antenna in its mouth.



Engraved on the first MUDMAN, the DW-8400.* The mole moves freely underground, clearing its way with a jackhammer.



Engraved on the G-9000* MUDMAN equipped with 1000-hour stopwatch for use in car rallies. Half-mole, half-tractor, this character runs at full speed.



Engraved on the GW-9300 MUDMAN equipped with magnetic and temperature sensors. The character is a mole holding a magnetic compass.



Engraved on the first GULFMAN, the DW-9700,* which featured titanium for metal components that come into contact with the outside air. The turtle cleans its shell with deck brushes, symbolizing the watch’s rust-resistant structure.



Engraved on the solar battery-powered GW-9100* GULFMAN, which featured titanium for metal components that come into contact with the outside air and radio control to receive time calibration signals transmitted from five stations around the world. The turtle has an antenna mounted to its shell.



Engraved on the GW-9400 RANGEMAN, which was designed to survival specs with triple sensors to detect compass bearing, measure atmospheric pressure/altitude, and gauge temperature. The wild cat moves freely through the jungle with a compass on its wrist.



Engraved on the AW-571* GAUSSMAN with its mud-resistant structure that also withstands magnetic fields. The character is a spiky mole that eats up magnetic fields.



Engraved on the DW-9800* WADEMAN equipped with a navigation function that measures compass bearings in 1-degree increments and stores the times of these readings, as well as temperatures, in its memory. This wild boar character embodies the idea of forging an unbeaten path.



Engraved on the DWG-100J* LUNGMAN, the first G-SHOCK equipped with pulse sensor. The ostrich wears shoes and a traditional Japanese headband to symbolize cross-country running.



Engraved on the DW-9100BJ* RISEMAN, which delivers atmospheric pressure, altitude and temperature measurements. In a nod to the altitude feature, the character depicts Icarus from Greek mythology, who yearned to take to the sky and fly close to the sun.



Engraved on the GW-9200J* RISEMAN equipped to receive time calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world. This character is a flying squirrel gliding freely through the woods.



Engraved on the G-9200* RISEMAN equipped with atmospheric pressure, altitude and temperature readings. The dragon soars freely across the sky.



Engraved on the DW-8600J* FISHERMAN with its rust-resistant structure and tide graph/moon age display to track the tide. The character is a mermaid, said to have charmed the men of the sea.



Engraved on the DW-9300* RAYSMAN, a watch equipped with EL backlight and the first G-SHOCK Tough Solar charging system. The character is a bat for its ability to move easily even in the dark.



Engraved on the ANTMAN GW-100,* the first radio-controlled G-SHOCK to receive calibration signals for highly accurate timekeeping. The ant, an insect that reads its surroundings with its sense of touch, holds an antenna so that it always knows the exact time.



*Discontinued model

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