Ten years of mercury-free light source

Norderstedt, 12 February 2020 – In January 2010, CASIO launched the world's first projector with a laser and LED hybrid light source. Ten years later, more than one million devices with this pioneering technology have already been sold.


In addition to the conference sector, CASIO projectors are mainly used in the field of education. More than 40,000 schools worldwide already rely on these environmentally friendly projectors whose light source does not contain the highly toxic heavy metal mercury.“We place great importance on sustainability, environmental and resource protection,” says Günter Grefen, General Division Manager at CASIO. “With our projectors, we demonstrate that there is no longer any need to use environmentally harmful mercury vapour lamps.” Since 2016, many CASIO projectors have been awarded the internationally recognised TCO certificate for sustainable IT products. 


Bright and economical in operation

The current six projector series with laser and LED hybrid light source enable high brightness values ​​of up to 5,000 lumens and have a very long service life of up to 20,000 hours. In school use, this corresponds to about 15 years at six hours operation per day. Conventional projectors with mercury lamps require up to five expensive lamp changes in the same period of time. In addition, the power consumption of CASIO projectors is 40-50% lower on average. The devices not only reduce operating costs, but they also make a valuable contribution to climate protection. 


Pioneer for pollutant-free light sources

Mercury emissions are to be reduced worldwide by an international treaty - the United Nations Minamata Convention. 128 countries, including Germany, have signed the convention since it came into force in 2017. The countries have thus committed themselves to stop producing, processing and marketing products containing mercury from 2020. CASIO has been complying with these principles since 2010. 


More information at: https://www.casio-projectors.eu/

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