Driving the Evolution of the Timepiece with Original Technologies and Premium Aesthetics

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is proud to exhibit at Baselworld. Every year, we present the amazing new ideas of the brightest minds in our timepiece business and the outstanding products that they have brought to the global market.

Now, at Baselworld 2019, we are showcasing many new products that demonstrate every kind of evolution—in material, in construction, in function. We are especially proud this year to introduce ground-breaking new G-SHOCK watches employing all-new materials that allowed us to innovate in both construction and design.

The new G-SHOCK models on display at Baselworld are extremely important to our timepiece business. Evolution is part of the identity of G-SHOCK. In this year’s phase of that evolution, we have leveraged new materials to further advance the shock-resistant construction technology that has always been at the core of G-SHOCK. We think you’ll sense our passion for advancement in these watches. We were determined to pursue evolution in every aspect, and we are proud of the results—highly original timepieces that only CASIO could create, which integrate material, construction, function, and design at the highest level.

We are also introducing new OCEANUS and EDIFICE models featuring new constructions that deliver significantly slimmer designs. I am sure you will also enjoy trying out our latest distinctive additions to the PRO TREK, BABY-G, and SHEEN brands.

In addition to functionality, at CASIO we place great emphasis on craftsmanship in manufacturing. We pursue premium aesthetic value, for instance, in timepieces hand-finished by Japanese master craftsmen, with rigorous attention to the smallest details and components. We combine this kind of aesthetic value with functional sophistication to create timepieces designed for universal appeal. As a true manufacturer, we do it all—from the development of new functions and constructions, to the manufacture of parts, to the assembly of watches. This is why you can count on Casio to continue creating new value in timepieces.

I invite you to visit our booth and experience for yourself the diverse range of highly original CASIO timepieces we have to show you.

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