How mobile computers keep our cash safe
Innovative technology from Casio and ALVARA makes transporting cash secure and transparent, helping to protect against theft.

Norderstedt Germany, 8 September 2017 – Whether we will still use cash in the distant future is not yet clear. However, studies confirm that it is still the most commonly used means of payment even now. Companies such as ALVARA and Casio ensure that cash handling processes are fit for the future with the help of digitalisation. This can help to ensure that coins and banknotes are securely transported and are available anywhere and at any time.

The list of options for cash-free payments is growing continuously. From retailers to banks, many sides seem to have good arguments for discontinuing cash transactions as far as possible in future. But there are still large quantities of coins and notes in circulation, the sum of euro in cash is growing and–in contrast to Sweden–cash is the favourite method of payment in Germany.
What hardly anyone knows is that there is an entire industry focussed almost exclusively on keeping these cash flows moving and protecting them against criminals. The primary method when transporting cash and other valuables is "track & trace", i.e. using IT-based solutions to document the transferral of liability in real time. What is known today in the private sector as consignment tracking was developed around 20 years ago by ALVARA in conjunction with the hardware manufacturer Casio. Real-time transparency of the entire process is ensured by the constant connection between the mobile handhelds which run the ALVARA Logistic app and the ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC) platform. A fail-safe Cloud solution where all data is centrally stored is accessed via encrypted connections, simplifying internal or external reporting.

Small and portable handheld terminals made this possible even back then. Today, these mobile computers are much more advanced and high-tech. "Our latest IT-G400 model is extremely robust," says Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of Mobile Industrial Solutions at CASIO Europe GmbH, "it can withstand water and dust, cope with temperature fluctuations and even survive being dropped onto concrete." The relevant software for the handhelds has been provided for 20 years by the ALVARA Cash Management Group. The company provides IT solutions for managing the cash cycles of banks, retailers and cash-in-transit companies.

The cash is collected from the supermarket, bank or other business by the employees of a cash-in-transit company and sealed in secure containers. The safe bags are scanned and the data is transferred to the ALVARA software. This enables customers to track the transferral of liability seamlessly and in real-time on a monitor. The digitalisation of cash handling processes ensures that the cash cycle is kept moving securely and transparently. This means that the Germans' favourite payment method remains economical and always available.

The innovative Casio IT-G400 full-touch handheld will be presented together with the ALVARA Logistic app software application at the 7th ALVARA INNOVATION DAYS on 18 and 19 September 2017 in Leipzig, Germany. With talks from subject matter experts and open discussions accompanying a high-tech exhibition, the ALVARA Innovation Days are THE industry event in the cash management sector.

About Casio:
Casio is a Japanese electronics company. Casio's global product portfolio includes watches, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, projectors, cash register systems, mobile computers and electronic components such as LC displays.

In the field of mobile data recording, Casio represents ultimate hardware quality and extraordinary robustness together with reliable project management and rapid support. The Mobile Industrial Solutions business unit stands out as a strong partner for software companies and system integrators.

ALVARA is a mid-sized information logistics company that has redefined cash management. ALVARA has extensive knowledge of the industry, enabling us to understand and connect the interests of all cash stakeholders in the fields of finance and trade as well as those of the cash-in-transit companies. We offer demand-oriented complete IT solutions for the cash cycle under the motto "your cash in clear sight". We use a largely standardised approach into which sector-specific and customer-specific requirements can be implemented. By using of state-of-the-art technologies and working in close collaboration with the customer, market requirements and trends are at the forefront of development. For example, this is how the ALVARA ChangeExchange platform for online coin trading was developed. ALVARA works with its customers in a proactive and strategic manner. The project management and software development process guarantees the high quality of our solutions available through certified data processing centres.

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