CASIO to release new projector line-up with 3 new categories containing 12 new models - New data projectors feature Hybrid Light Source System

TOKYO, March 29, 2011 — CASIO Computer Co., Ltd., today announces that it plans to release 12 new data projectors in three categories all equipped with CASIO’s original laser- and LED-hybrid-light source, which combines lasers and LEDs, as detailed below. The new line-up contains two models with 3,500 ANSI lumens belonging to the Pro series (XJ-H1650 and XJ-H1600), two Short Throw models*1, that are suitable especially for the educational usage, and eight Standard models*2 of data projectors.
*1. Market entry of Pro and Short Throw series expected middle of July 2011 *2. Market entry of Standard series expected in May 2011

CASIO released the first projector to use its original laser- and LED-hybrid-light source in April 2010. The projectors of the successful Green Slim series achieved high brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens without using a lamp containing mercury, a substance which has a negative effect on the environment. In November 2010, CASIO took the next step by using the new light source in a new model with 3,000 ANSI lumens. Since then, this model has gone on to earn a strong reputation as a next generation projector.

All models boast the same excellent features of the laser- and LED-hybrid-light source including the light source life of about 20,000 hours and quick powering on and off. These high-grade models also feature various innovative functions, such as Intelligent Brightness Control, which automatically adjusts the brightness to suit the environmental lighting conditions, and the ability to project 3D images as well as a fully connectable interface.
  • Laser- and LED-hybrid-light sourcethat enables mercury-free high-brightness projection with long light source life and quick powering on and off
  • Intelligent Brightness Control that automatically adjusts the brightness level to suit environmental lighting conditions
  • Presentations can be given in 3D using DLP 3D projection*1
  • Interface is equipped with three types of video and audio inputs as well as HDMI, RGB, and RS-232 terminals
  • Smartphones*2 and PCs can be connected wirelessly
  • Presentations can be given without a PC by using the USB 2.0 Host function
  • Interactive Pointing function enables control of a PC by pointing at the screen*3
Functionalities are available for selected models. Please notice detailed product specification.

Additionally, the models of the new Pro series (XJ-H1650 and XJ-H1600) improving the brightness up to astonishing 3,500 ANSI lumens.
*1. Watching 3D projection requires CASIO’s 3D Glasses for CASIO projector, sold separately. 3D projection is not possible when using the HDMI input terminal.
*2. For use with smartphones capable of wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g) and installed with MobiShow software.
*3. This function requires CASIO’s Interactive Pointer, sold separately.

Main features of CASIO’s new projectors

Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source
CASIO’s new projectors achieve high brightness without the use of a high-pressure mercury lamp containing mercury, a substance which has a negative effect on the environment, by projecting three colors through a DLP chip – red emitted by a high-lumen red LED, green converted from blue laser light, and blue emitted by a high-lumen blue LED.* The light source has a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours, reducing maintenance and cutting operating costs. In addition, the projectors reach maximum brightness in no more than five seconds, and no cool-down is needed when turning them off.
* Blue laser light is used for Standard models of the XJ-M series.

Intelligent Brightness Control
The projectors feature an Intelligent Brightness Control that utilizes built-in light sensors to automatically adjust the brightness level of the projection to suit the lighting conditions in the surrounding environment, minimizing power consumption by using no more than the level of brightness actually required.

DLP® 3D projection Ready
Using a high-image-quality frame sequential technique, the projectors are able to project 3D images* created with CASIO 3D Converter software (sold separately), that are viewable by using 3D Glasses made for CASIO projectors (also sold separately).
* 3D projection is not possible when using the HDMI input terminal.

Fully connectable interface
Every new model is fitted with RGB input, video input, HDMI and RS-232C terminals. The High Grade models of the XJ-H series and the Short Throw models of the XJ-ST series come with two types of RGB input and an RGB output. There is also a LAN cable port on the wireless communication models including XJ-H1650, XJ-ST155, XJ-ST145, XJ-M255, XJ-M245, XJ-M155, and XJ-M145.

Wireless communication with smartphones and computers (XJ-H1650, XJ-ST155, XJ-ST145, XJ-M255, XJ-M245, XJ-M155 and XJ-M145)
Wireless presentations can be given by using smartphones and other mobile devices equipped with wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g) and MobiShow® software* installed, and, of course, computers with the same wireless LAN capabilities.
* MobiShow® software is available in versions for AndroidTM, Apple OS, and Windows Mobile®. The type of files that can be used in wireless presentations may be limited depending on the operating system used.

USB 2.0 Host function (XJ-H1650, XJ-ST155, XJ-ST145, XJ-M255, XJ-M245, XJ-M155 and XJ-M145)
These models can be used without a computer simply by connecting a commercially available USB memory stick to the projector to show presentations, spreadsheets, word-processor documents, PDF files, and other data* prepared on a computer, as well as still images in JPEG a nd BMP formats, and moving images in Motion JPEG AVI format.
* Files must be converted by using the PC software included with the projector and available for download on Casio Websites.

Interactive Pointing Function (XJ-H1650, XJ-ST155 and XJ-ST145)
By using CASIO’s Interactive Pointer (sold separately), a connected PC can be operated by pointing at the projection screen. It is also possible to write on the screen, provided that this function is used in conjunction with Presentation Draw software, which comes bundled with the Interactive Pointer.
• MobiShow is a registered trademark of AWIND Inc in Taiwan and/or other countries. • Android is a trademark of Google Inc. • Apple iOS is a trademark of Apple Inc. • Windows Mobile is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Further information at www.casio-europe.com and on www.casio-projectors.eu

About CASIO Computer Co., Ltd.
CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its establishment in 1957, CASIO has strived to realise its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. Today, CASIO’s offerings include timepieces, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, system equipment, and electronic components such as LCDs. The CASIO Group employs more than 12,000 people worldwide, shipping over 100 million products per year, with net sales of 427 billion yen (approx. US $ 4.6 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 2010. News and product information from CASIO are available at http://world.casio.com

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