Digital signage has many faces - CASIO projectors have the technology to match

Norderstedt, September 11th, 2013 - Information systems and advertising spaces are becoming increasingly digitised. Digital signage is deployed wherever information needs to be presented on a large scale and over extended periods, or where promotional messages come into play in order to draw in the crowds. Whether edge blending, rear projection or floor presentation, CASIO provides digital signage solutions for the most different fields of application.

The revolutionary mercury-free laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO boasts an exceptionally long life time of up to 20,000 hours. This makes CASIO devices ideal for use 24 hours a day. In stores or at company premises where the power is turned off during the night, the projector does not need to be shut down separately as it does not require a cool down phase. In the morning, the projector will start up automatically when the power is switched back on and, thanks to the Quick Start & Stop function, it is ready to use in just five seconds.
Computers, USB drives and media players can be used as data sources. If a USB drive is the data source of choice, the content stored on it will also start automatically thanks to the Autorun feature. If a media player is used, content can be switched quickly and easily via the network.

One projector - a whole range of benefits
What is better? Using a projector and enjoying an array of benefits, or working with a flat screen and missing out on versatility? A projector takes up very little room and is discreet, too. The size of the projection itself is highly flexible. Images larger than 152 cm (60 inches) can also be projected easily - and more cost-effective than flat screens with similar presentation places. The use of a rear projection film is particularly suitable for unused window to project any given messages on every glass space. Display windows can be turned into attractive canvases for advertising purposes, supermarkets can visualise offers in an appealing manner and companies can use the system to present their logos in a subtle yet aesthetically pleasing manner. Digital signage with rear projection films is also suitable for use at events such as trade fairs, for example for displaying a series of sleek messages - without impairing visibility, as is the case with flat screens, billboards or promotional posters.

Increased brilliance in well-lit areas and on large places - the Dual Projection System
The best approach to projecting in well-lit areas or onto large spaces is the Projector Stacking System, XJ-SK600. This complete solution comprises a box with two mounted, pre-installed projectors, and a Geometric Correction Box which create a beam with light performance of up to 6,000 ANSI lumens. The image is extremely bright and brilliant, even with projections of 300 inches (7.5 metres).
The Geometric Correction Box, YA-S10, evens out uneven surfaces with great ease. Even the slightest distortions can be levelled out by pressing a button on the remote control. Projections on otherwise tricky canvases, such as warped screens or rounded-columns, are no problem for the box. The benefits of the Dual Projection System truly shine at airports and trade fairs.

XXL messages - edge blending with CASIO
In order to bring very large and long areas to life, it is advisable to use several projectors with edge blending technology at once. Projecting onto spaces many metres high and wide can be done with very little effort. The size of the projections is flexible and more cost-effective compared with video walls of this size.
Whether you need to grab people's attention in airport comidors or on long routes at trade fairs, edge blending offers you a way to impress visitors - and to encourage them to move towards your desired destination. Alternatively, this process enables you to present entire trade fair walls or departments at specialist retailers in an attractive manner.

Further information at www.casio-projectors.eu oder www.casio-europe.com

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