The Ultimate Camera Test!
New Challenges for the EXILIM ZR Series:
The EXILIM Challenge Is Heading into Round Two.

Norderstedt, Germany, May 22, 2013 — The games continue: the second round of the EXILIM Challenge will commence as of today. Over the coming nine weeks, our reporter Delf D. will be presenting three challenges full of action. No matter whether he lines up for the high jump against a dolphin, pairs off against a canine friend for the ultimate doggie disc battle, or gets to be the bait in the ever-popular ostrich challenge, Delf D. has a mission to fulfill. He will go to his limits and put the fastest EXILIM cameras so far to the ultimate test: is the EXILIM ZR series fast enough to perfectly capture all the great moments of the challenges?

The digital cameras in the EXILIM ZR series transform moving moments full of motion into long-lasting, crystal clear memories faster than ever before. Among other things, the new Triple Shot function is a great advantage as it takes not just one picture when the release is activated, but also one shot just before and one shot just after. Thanks to their Quick Response feature these cameras are ready to go in the blink of an eye. In addition to their ability to activate quickly, the fast autofocus and extremely short interval between shots helps ensure excellent photographic speed. Capture moving moments brilliantly ? quickly, easily, and stress-free!

The EXILIM Challenge will be running online from May 22 to July 18, 2013. At the end of the challenge three lucky winners will receive 2,000 Euros vacation cash in a lottery among all challenge participants. All contest details and instructions for participation can be found at www.challenge.exilim.eu.

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