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CASIO Announces Death of Chairman and CEO Kazuo Kashio
It is with profound sadness that CASIO announces the loss of Kazuo Kashio, 89, Chairman and CEO of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., who passed away at 11:35 pm on the 18 June 2018. The cause of death was aspiration pneumonia.

TOKYO, Japan, June 19, 2018 - A private wake will be held for family and close relatives, and a company service will take place at a later date. Details of the service will be forthcoming.

Kazuo Kashio was the third president of CASIO and the third eldest of the four Kashio brothers who founded the company in 1957 by developing the world's first compact all-electric calculator 14-A. He led the development of the personal calculator CASIO Mini released in 1972, bringing the calculator to the typical consumer. Mr. Kashio also expanded the conditions in which wristwatches could be worn by introducing the shock-resistant G-SHOCK, a watch that overturned the conventional idea of the "watch as a fragile, valuable item." In 1995, Mr. Kashio demonstrated yet another example of new market creation by paving the way for the launch of digital camera QV-10, ushering in today's era of image communication. He devoted his life to the creation of new products that help improve people's lives and learning. He led the CASIO management team for 27 years, overseeing the company's evolution from its foundations laid by former president Tadao Kashio.

Kazuo Kashio
Born:January 9, 1929 in Tokyo
Deceased:June 18, 2018, 11:35 pm (age: 89)
Graduated:Nihon University, March 1949
Career:April 1950,joined Kashio Seisakujo
June 1957,director and general manager of the production department, upon the founding of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
July 1965,executive managing director and general manager of the sales department
June 1976,representative executive managing director and general manager of the sales department
October 1986,representative executive managing director and general manager of the business headquarters and the business administration department
December 1988,president and CEO
June 2015,chairman and CEO
Award:April 29, 1994, Medal with Blue Ribbon

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