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Updates & Upgrades
CASIO presents numerous improvements of details in its successful instrument categories

CASIO has currently given six keyboards and four digital pianos a facelift and is now sending them into the race for popularity amongst the buyers with sound improvements, functions that have been further optimized and the likeable prices they are known for. The many improvements made on the details of the still quite new models prove that CASIO has the correct answers ready in the highly competitive start-up keyboard market as well as in the important compact piano segment.

New keyboards
The new models in the standard series are known as CTK-2200, CTK-3200, CTK-4200 and WK-220, in the key lighting series they are the models LK-220 and LK-280. All of these start-up keyboards now have the high-quality AHL sound source with 48 notes, and a power adapter is included in delivery with all of them. With USB-to-host (MIDI) and Plug & Play, the new keyboards are also state-ofthe- art in terms of connectivity. One great feature is AUDIO IN: when a CD or MP3 player is connected to the audio input of the keyboard, the songs are broadcast over the keyboard’s loudspeakers as “halfplayback”. This turns a jam session with one’s favourite musicians into reality.

CASIO has defined two new performance levels for its six new keyboards. CTK-2200, CTK-3200 and LK-240 form the first group, CTK-4200, WK-220 and LK-280 the second. The assignment of the functionalities is as follows:

    CTK-2200, CTK-3200 and LK-240:
  • 48-note polyphony, 400 AHL tones, 150 rhythms
  • Sampling function with voice pads: sample and play your own sounds (3 sounds, 1 second)
  • Bass reflex loudspeaker system with 2 x 2 Watt

    CTK-4200, WK-220 and LK-280:
  • 48-note polyphony, 600 AHL tones, 180 rhythms, stereo grand
  • Sampling function via keyboard: sample and play your own sounds (5 users/3 drum sounds, 10 seconds), additional sampling via microphone: WK-220, LK-280
  • Chord book: the virtual chord book shows what the corresponding chords sound like and how they are played and includes fingerings, interval ratios and chord inversions
  • Piano/organ button: to directly switch from a piano to an organ tone (and vice versa), the keyboard’s pre-settings are adjusted accordingly in terms of sound
  • Registration memory with 32 set-ups (8 banks à 4 memory spaces)
  • Bass reflex loudspeaker system with 2 x 2.5 Watt

Regardless of this group assignment, all new models – except the CTK-2200 – have touch response. The two key lighting keyboards are delivered with a microphone.

New, compact digital pianos
The two new models in the popular compact series are known as CDP-120 and CDP-220R. The CDP- 120 now also has the AHL sound source from CASIO as well as a hammer action keyboard with two sensors, derived from the PRIVIA series. In addition, the basis instrument was equipped with a USB interface and now has an even more compact design. The CDP-220R was furnished with an addition 30 tones (for a total of now 700) and can be effortlessly switched from piano to organ tone by means of the new piano/organ button. A chord book is included as well in the delivery of the multi-functional ensemble piano.

The PX-135 and PX-735 have been newly introduced in the PRIVIA series. The successors of the former top sellers (PX-130 and PX-730) offer two new grand piano tones, increasing the tones from 16 to 18. The colour concept was changed in the process: The PX-135 is available in black (BK) and white (WE), the PX-735 in black (BK), brown (BN) and white (WE).

About CASIO Computer Co., Ltd.:
Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of „creativity and contribution“ through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. Today, Casio‘s offerings include timepieces, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries, calculators, musical instruments, system equipment, and others. The Casio Group employs more than 11,000 people worldwide, shipping over 100 million products per year, with net sales of 341 billion yen (approx. US$ 4.1 billion) in the fiscal year ended March 2011. News and product information from Casio is available at

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