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The evolution of the DW-5600
From revolutionary to iconic

G-SHOCK celebrates its 35th anniversary – and its very first model, the DW-5600. Having come through the 1980s, the 1990s and the millennium and still going strong today, this G-SHOCK icon has not only seen a diverse range of styles, it has also been subject to ongoing technological advancements – as you'd expect of a genuine G-SHOCK.

In fact it was not 35 but 37 years ago that the engineer Kikuo Ibe and his team of developers initiated "PROJECT TEAM TOUGH" . The aim was to realise the vision of creating an extremely robust watch that would even survive a drop from a height of 10 metres. The first prototypes of the legendary DW-5600 were tested by being repeatedly thrown out of the third floor of the research and development centre. The first shock-resistant G-SHOCK was finally born in 1983 – two years after development began and more than 200 prototypes later. It was the sight of a girl throwing a small rubber ball in a park that helped Ibe make the breakthrough: he visualised the centrepiece of the watch freely suspended inside the ball. The model's contactless suspension was to become the fundamental DNA of G-SHOCK and of the first iconic DW.

But the developers weren't content for the watch to survive one fall. Over the years, numerous tests were created for the it – some of which the engineers developed themselves – including stress tests for the buttons, water pressure resistance tests, antistatic electricity tests, hammer impact tests, temperature tests, centrifugal tests and vibration resilience tests. The high standards set in terms of toughness led to the development of many more G-SHOCK models over the decades. As the brand celebrates its 35th anniversary, G-SHOCK is able to look back over more than 100,000,000 watches sold, presented over the last three decades in a myriad of changing designs and featuring innovative technologies.

The anniversary year of 2018 will be dedicated to the very first model, the DW-5600. Over the course of the year, this first G-SHOCK will be subject to technological re-issues, innovative advancements and exciting collaborations. The "Throwback 1983" collection recreates the spirit and the times in which the first G-SHOCK came into being, for example. Meanwhile the DW-5600TB models revive colourful 1980s designs that were in fashion when the G-SHOCK was born.

The G-LIDE series offers a further development of the iconic DW-5600. Designed for water sports enthusiasts and surfers, these compact GLS-5600CL models with fabric strap are able to withstand temperatures of up to -20 degrees.

From the very beginning, G-SHOCK demonstrated not just absolute toughness but also an indefatigable desire to innovate: so in addition to the "Throwback 1983" and G-LIDE series, it will also be exciting to look forward to a DW-5600 with Bluetooth capability and also a full-metal version of the G-SHOCK icon.

The technical features of the "Throwback 1983" include the following:

  • Automatic calendar
  • Alarm function
  • Stopwatch function
  • Countdown timer
  • Waterproof up to 20 bar
  • Mineral glass
  • Illuminator

The technical features of the G-LIDE GLS-5600CL include the following:

  • Automatic calendar
  • 5 multifunction alarms
  • Auto-Illuminator
  • Stopwatch function
  • Countdown timer
  • World clock function
  • Waterproof up to 20 bar
  • Mineral glass
  • Yacht timer
  • Display flasher
  • Display light

The "Throwback 1983" models are available in stores now at recommended retail price of EUR 99.90.
The G-LIDE GLS-5600CL is available in stores now for EUR 109 (RRP).

G-SHOCK was born from the idea and the dream of creating a watch that never breaks. The CASIO engineers pursued the "Triple 10" concept – shock resistance to a 10-metre drop, 10-bar water resistance and a single battery with a life of 10 years. G-SHOCK has stuck to this concept ever since it was launched in 1983 and has continuously perfected the G-SHOCK models through ongoing development.

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