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RFID handheld device for LEGIC and UHF tags
Casio partner microsensys is offering easy-to-integrate RFID modules for reading and writing HF and UHF transponders that work with the innovative IT-G500 handheld device. With a range of up to two meters (UHF), this robust RFID handheld device is ideal for industrial applications in production, logistics and retail.

Even with the RFID extension, the all-in-one handheld device with integrated laser scanner or CMOS imager remains extremely compact. There is no exterior reading/writing head with projecting antenna, meaning the ergonomics of this convenient handheld device are not compromised. A discreet extension module on the back of the device is the only feature that indicates its advanced capabilities. The new iID® contactless read/write electronics are integrated into the flat modules from Erfurt-based partner microsensys GmbH. The light "iID® IT-G500 BL module", weighing 12 g, is designed for HF tags (13.56 MHz), supports LEGIC ID (prime and advent) and is used for mobile identification and access control, quality management and much more. With its circularly polarised antenna, the slightly larger "iID® IT-G500 BML module" weighs 39 g and also supports UHF transponders (868 MHz), and is ideal for use in warehouses and in the service sector thanks to its large range.
The modules fit precisely - both mechanically and electrically - into the extension slot on the compact handheld device and therefore can also be easily retrofitted. A software interface for the Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Embedded Compact 7 operating systems is available. The high-level of functionality offered by the Casio IT-G500 in the form of its digital camera, CMOS imager or laser scanner and GPS has of course been maintained. "UHF tags are particularly well-suited to use in the warehouse as they can be read by the handheld device at a distance of up to two metres. This enables multiple tags from entire packaging units or pallets to be read out simultaneously", explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the Mobile Industrial Solutions department at Casio Europe GmbH in Norderstedt, Germany. "Our partner microsensys has developed optimised RFID modules for the IT-G500 that do not affect the device's design and only require very little energy."
The Casio IT-G500 reflects the principle of human-centred design. Although it may not look like a device with high resistance to external influences, it can resist water and dust (IP 67) and can withstand being dropped onto concrete from a height of 1.5 metres. The compact device sits well in your hand and can be operated in the same way as a smartphone via the large touchscreen. With a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and a 4.3" screen, the WVGA display offers around 25% more information and enhanced readability compared to a VGA screen. The handheld device features a backlit numeric keypad and programmable function keys, as well as a central trigger button and two side buttons for initiating the scanning process.
Thanks to a selection of nine different series-production models, the most economical and optimal model of the IT-G500 series can be used for each task. One group features a built-in laser scanner for barcodes, while another is equipped with a CMOS imager for all common 2D codes. In addition to fast WLAN capabilities, both groups can also be made mobile if required through the use of SIM cards for WWAN. Models with position detection (GPS), a digital camera and NFC functionality are also available. Common protocols in the field of contactless smart cards and near field communication (NFC) are supported.
The Casio IT-G500 handheld is extremely powerful, with a 1.5 GHz ARM® Cortex® A9 Dual Core Processor, 512 MB / 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM. The Microsoft® Windows Embedded Handheld® 6.5 and Embedded Compact 7 operating systems guarantee that your investment is secure and suitable for demanding applications.

For more information about the CASIO IT-G500, please contact

CASIO Europe GmbH
Casio-Platz 1 - 22848 Norderstedt, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 52865 407 - Fax: +49 (0) 40 52865 424
Email -

Casio IT-G500 with UHF and HF RFID modules from microsensys (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The standard IT-G500 is available with NFC functionality. Special extension modules from microsensys are recommended for HR or LEGIC and UHF RFID functionalities. The modules (top right = UHF, underneath = HF) can be retrofitted into the universal extension slot on the back of the device and then screwed into place.

Casio IT-G500 with UHF RFID reads TELID® temperature transponders (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The microsensys iID® IT-G500 BML module supports HF (13.56 MHz) and UHF transponders (868 MHz). Ranges of up to two metres are possible thanks to its circularly polarised antenna. The UHF version of the IT-G500 can be used in warehouses and in the service sector.

Casio IT-G500 with HF RFID module (LEGIC) (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The microsensys iID® IT-G500 BL module is designed for HF tags (13.56 MHz) and mainly supports the LEGIC system (prime and advant), as well as ISO 15693, MIFARE® and Sony FeliCa®. It is used for mobile identification and access control, quality management and much more.

Casio IT-G500 with NFC and RFID (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The standard IT-G500 is available with NFC functionality. When it comes to contactless smart cards and Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports protocols in accordance with ISO 14443 A/B, such as JISCAP®, MIFARE® and FeliCa®. For HF (LEGIC) and UHF RFID, the described extension modules are recommended.

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