CASIO to Release PRO TREK Smart Outdoor Watch in Indigo Blue Color Scheme

Norderstedt, April 17, 2018 – CASIO announced today a new addition to the PRO TREK Smart series of wrist devices for outdoor enthusiasts. The WSD-F20A features an indigo blue color scheme designed for active living.

With the WSD-F20 as its base model, the WSD-F20A features an indigo blue body color that matches a variety of looks including jeans. The color scheme is designed to appeal to people who are active both at and away from work. The WSD-F20A achieves an affordable price with details such as a lightweight and durable resin buckle and a streamlined design with three large buttons.

Like its base model, the WSD-F20A features low-power GPS and color map functionality that can be used offline. It is great for a wide range of outdoor and water activities and can be used on its own in areas without cellular service. It is also very handy for any activity that users cannot do with a smartphone in their hands.

The WSD-F20A runs Wear OS by Google, which allows the user to add apps to expand its functionality. CASIO has signed on nine major app companies to provide popular outdoors and sports apps with a global reach. These apps are showcased in the "Featured Apps" list on the device for users to download.

Featured Apps


Developer (Country)

Main Application/Features


Augmentra Ltd. (UK)

Trekking: Trail map display and trail guides


Hole19 (Portugal)

Golf: Golf course display and distance measurement

Glassy Surf Report

Gradient Technologies S.L (Spain)

Surfing: Surf/weather forecasts and session measurement

Ski Tracks

Core Coders Ltd. (UK)

Skiing/snowboarding: Distance and speed measurement

Workout Log

MySwimPro (US)

Swimming: Training guide and workout logging


Fishbrain AB (Sweden)

Fishing: Fishing forecast and fishing spot display

Zombies, Run!

Six to Start (UK)

Fitness gaming: Activity logging


Schvung Ride AB (Sweden)

Horse riding: Training guide and ride logging

Exercise Timer

NeuronDigital (Malta)

Fitness: Timer and training management

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