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Casio Releases EXILIM Cameras with Variety of Appealing Designs to Match Any Lifestyle

Casio Releases EXILIM Cameras with Variety of Appealing Designs to Match Any Lifestyle

Norderstedt, August 1, 2012 — Casio Europe GmbH and its parent company, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the release of new EXILIM® compact digital cameras that come in a variety of colors and textures to match any lifestyle. The new EX-N1, EX-N10 and EX-N20 cameras all have rounded bodies that are easy to grip, and employ a CMF Design* approach based on materials and finish in addition to color. These three elements are integrated to realize uniquely appealing designs, with a range of variations to appeal to the preferences of a broad spectrum of users. Choose the model that matches your lifestyle or unique taste.

* CMF Design integrates the three elements of color, materials and finishing (CMF) to realize appealing designs. CMF Design is employed in a variety of fields including product design, architecture and interior design, and is one of today's leading design trends.

EX-N1 wraps rounded body in a deep, lustrous finish
The EXILIM EX-N1 is offered in three "casual" color variations - Peppermint Blue, Candy Pink and Vanilla White - that combine bright solid colors with black elements to appeal to a casual and pop taste for users who want to accessorize their everyday style. Also available are two "simple" color variations in Black Lightning and Red Thunder, with appealing ceramic-like gloss finishes.

EX-N10 makes a great accessory for that special style
The EXILIM EX-N10 features a "dressy" quilted design pattern engraved into the design on the inner surface of the clear case coating. The color pairs perfectly with fashion items and small accessories. The glossy, manicure-like finish is sure to appeal to women who accessorize with their cameras. Three color variations are offered: Pink Sapphire, Gold Topaz and Black Onyx.

EX-N20 has a "classic" design that evokes the feel of fine leather goods
The EXILIM EX-N20 features a surface with a textured, leather-like finish that fits comfortably in the hand, delivering an understated look that appeals to those who appreciate a dignified, "classic" look. The lens ring and grip piece are coordinated in a matching metallic silver finish that adds to the classy aura of the camera. Three color variations - Havanna Brown, Venice Blue and Marrakesh Red - are available.

The EX-N1, EX-N10 and EX-N20 cameras all have a CCD with an effective resolution of 16.1 megapixels, and a wide-angle 26mm, 5x optical zoom lens. All three camera models offer advanced shooting features such as Premium Auto, which automatically analyzes the scene to choose the best settings and performs image processing, and Make-up function for taking beautiful photos of faces.


EX-N1 / EX-N10 / EX-N20

Number of
 Effective Pixels

16.1 megapixels (/million)

Lens (Full Wide) *1

26mm wide angle

Optical Zoom


Premium AUTO


Make-up Function


Blur Correction

Anti Shake Mode


HD Movie

Monitor Screen

2.7 inches

USB charging


Dimensions (WxHxD)

98.5mm x 58.2mm x 21.2 mm

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