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Higher education in the digital age with the Dual Projection System from CASIO
Long-lasting projection system perfectly suited for use at universities

Norderstedt, September 2013 – Showing educational films, presenting graphics as well as creating media-supported lessons and lectures – this is part of today’s modern teaching. 

A decisive factor for the economical use of a projector in the university environment is the long life time of its light source and simple operation. The mercury-free laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO makes an extraordinarily long period of use of up to 20,000 hours possible. This means: 15 years of use at 6 hours of lectures on 220 days of the year. In the past, this would have required up to 9 conventional mercury lamps. There is not only no need for laborious maintenance work in daily use when exchanging lamps (e.g. with high ceiling installation), but also for waiting times during lectures, because the projectors from CASIO reach their full brightness in 4-8 seconds and can be turned off without a cool down phase.

The Dual Projection System from CASIO is the tailor-made solution for bright and large-surface projections in a light environment. This complete solution comprises a box with two mounted, pre-installed projectors, and a Geometric Correction Box which create a beam with light performance of up to 6,000 AL. The image is extremely bright and brilliant, even with projections of 300 inches (over 7.5 metres). Therefore, darkening lecture halls or seminar rooms is unnecessary and makes it easy to read presentations from the very last row of the hall. With the Geometric Correction Box, it is possible to project from unusual angles, because horizontal distortions can be evened out.

CASIO Dual Projection System XJ-SK600 is on sale now as a complete solution from CASIO retail partners. 
Technical specifications

Name, model
 Dual Projection System, XJ-SK600
Light technology
laser & LED hybrid light source
Operating hours
up to 20,000 hours
Projection system
DLP® / 1,280 x 800 (WXGA)
Up to 6,000 ANSI lumens
Contrast ratio
1800: 1
Power supply
AC, 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)
approx. 346 mm × 305 mm × 373 mm
(including Geometric Correction Box )
18.3 kg
General information
Wireless remote control

The DLP® logo is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

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