New Casio Privia PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 with improved tone and advanced Bluetooth® AUDIO & MIDI connectivity
Sound & feel of a grand piano with improved range of expression

Norderstedt, September 15, 2021 - Casio announces the release of the PX-S1100 and PX-S3100, the latest addition to the award-winning Privia series. Both models offer improved tone, enhanced speaker systems and new Bluetooth® AUDIO & MIDI possibilities. When launched in 2019, the predecessors PX-S1000 and PX-S3000 impressed with a streamlined profile and a compact design and at the same time supplying the playing comfort and sound of an authentic piano. The new PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 inherit the popular design concept and ease of use while enhancing the musical experience and connectivity across the entire range.



Grand Piano in a compact size

The improved AiR Sound Source ensures thorough attention to detail in expressing the rich, resonating tones inherent to a grand piano. Enhanced string resonance resembles the complex harmonics of an acoustic instrument. Casio upgraded the internal speaker system, giving the digital pianos an overall warmer tone while the multi-dimensional morphing AiR Sound Source provides a sense of ambience, localization, and clarity.


To further the grand piano experience, the PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 offer a weighted hammer-action keyboard that is slightly heavier at the bottom and lighter as the tones on the keyboard ascends. This feature enhances musical expression and makes shifting between delicate and powerful tones smooth and effortless. Players can now enjoy the sound and feel of a grand piano with an enriched expressive range from low to high frequencies in the world’s slimmest body. In addition, both the PX-1100 and PX-3100 provide the option of recording your performance directly to a USB stick in WAV format (in the previous models, this was only possible with the PX-S3000).



Stay connected wherever you are

The PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 offer the latest evolution in grand piano sound with enhanced speakers and improved connectivity. The included WU-BT10 adapter adds Bluetooth® MIDI and audio capabilities, offering a wide range to enjoy musical performances and transform the instrument into a stand-alone Bluetooth® speaker. Players can now play along to their favourite songs through Privia’s high-fidelity speakers, while the activatable surround effect highlights the live experience further. 


Additionally, when connected wirelessly to the dedicated Chordana Play for Piano app lets players intuitively change tone and function settings and offers real-time interactive lessons that make learning music much more engaging. 









Sounds for the music you love

When it comes to musical expression, the PX-S3100 offers an enormous range of possibilities with over 900 built-in tones, rhythms, effects and demo songs. A pitch-bend wheel, a full-dot LCD screen, rotation controls and touch controls make playing the piano a pure joy. Customizing, organizing and saving presets has never been easier. Thanks to its extensive connection possibilities and mobility, the digital piano always finds a place, whether in the rehearsal room, living room or on stage.





The Casio PX-S1100 and PX-S3100 will be available in shops from October 2021.


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