FX-ES Plus Emulator


At a glance

The outstanding FX-ES emulator features the same basic functionality as theFX-82ES Plus, FX-85ES Plus, FX-350ES Plus, FX-570ES Plus and FX-991ES Plus school calculators.

  • FX-82ES Plus, FX-85ES Plus, FX-350ES Plus, FX-570ES Plus and FX-991ES Plus emulation software for school calculators
  • Screenshots for easy preparation of lesson materials
  • Pop-up display function
  • Scalable emulator size
  • Natural display
  • Independent CD drive usage

Technical Specifications

      • Screenshots
      • Make your own screenshots:
      • Integration of screen views into other PC applications
      • Pop-up display function
      • Scalable emulator size
      • Functions
      • Repeat function
      • 24 bracket levels
      • Variables memory (7)
      • STO/RCL key
      • Scientific functions
      • Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric
      • functions
      • Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
      • 10x and ex exponential functions
      • x-1 inverse functions
      • x√, √, x2, xy power and root functions
      • Logarithm functions (log, ln)
      • Combinatorics and permutations
      • Random number generator
      • Conversion of polar coordinates into rectangular
      • coordinates and vice versa
      • Automatic calculation of fractions (two modes)
      • Conversion of sexagesimal into decimal and vice versa
      • Calculations in gons, degrees and radians
      • p-key, e-key and %-key
      • SCI/FIX/ENG function
      • Statistics
      • List-based statistics
      • Statistics with one variable
      • Standardabweichung
      • Statistics with two variables (regression functions)
      • Linear
      • Exponential
      • abExponential
      • Logarithmic
      • Power
      • Inverse
      • Quadratic
      • Natural input
      • Fractions
      • Roots
      • Powers
      • Brackets
      • Absolute values
      • Logarithms
      • Non-natural input (as in MS models)
      • Output in √ form
      • Output in π form
      • Function table
      • System requirements
      • Computer: Minimum requirement Intel® Pentium® III 500 with USB,
      • Operating system: Windows® 98/Me or Windows® 2000/XP;
      • Hard disk space: 100 MB required
      • RAM: As recommended for operating system

    Availability of models and/or lineups may differ depending on the country or region.
    Technical amendments and errors excepted. The sizes in figures do not correspond to the original sizes.
    The colours may differ slightly from the original.