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Case Studies

Perfect hardware for all application purposes

The name CASIO stands for high-end quality solutions and reliable project development in the MDA market. Continual advancement of the hardware product lines ensures that there is an ideal basic hardware solution available for every field of application. Through the resolute implementation of technical innovations, more and more additions can be made to the range of uses. Vital synergies are constantly being created thanks to the close co-operation between the development department for mobile information products and the R&D specialists in other business sectors in which miniaturisation, (digital) calculation performance, energy efficiency, ergonomics, reliability and so on also play a decisive role in determining success.

Perfect hardware for all application purposesThe CASIO DT-X30 in use - ergonomics and user convenience facilitate delivery scanning with electronic signature retrieval.

First-class service thanks to specialised business partners

Hardware retailing in the vertical market is carried out exclusively using carefully selected specialist partners and VAR outlets, with the result that product advice and servicing is handled either directly by CASIO Europe GmbH or by the relevant partner. This means that CASIO can draw on a top-class and highly-competent network, that has been continually improved and refined since the product range was launched on the European market, respond rapidly to enquiries, and build ongoing customer satisfaction.

First-class service thanks to specialised business partnersThe IT-300 Handheld - the all-round device for use in diverse vertical deployment scenarios.

Competence thanks to specialist know-how

Due to our partners' specialist knowledge, there are competent consultants at your disposal for a whole range of different sectors, such as trade, logistics, transport, sales force, field force, medicine, promotions etc. The size of the partner enterprise ranges from international technology corporations, such as Siemens, to small, highly specialised providers of system solutions. CASIO will put you in touch with the relevant sales partners.

Whether you are looking for a particular solution or just want some more general information, we shall be glad to advise you in person. Please use this E-mail form to send us your contact data and we shall contact you straight away.