Tape Line Up

Standard Tapes for Label-Printer

6 mm 9 mm 12 mm 18 mm 24 mm
Conventional coloured tapes Black on white XR-6WE1 XR-9WE1 XR-12WE1 XR-18WE1 XR-24WE1
Black on transparent XR-6X1 XR-9X1 XR-12X1 XR-18X1 XR-24X1
Black on green XR-6GN1 XR-9GN1 XR-12GN1 XR-18GN1 XR-24GN1
Black on yellow XR-6YW1 XR-9YW1 XR-12YW1 XR-18YW1 XR-24YW1
Black on red XR-6RD1 XR-9RD1 XR-12RD1 XR-18RD1 XR-24RD1
Black on blue - XR-9BU1 XR-12BU1 XR-18BU1 XR-24BU1
Black on silver - XR-9SR1 XR-12SR1 XR-18SR1 -
Black on gold - XR-9GD1 XR-12GD1 XR-18GD1 -
Red on white - XR-9WER1 XR-12WER1 XR-18WER1 -
Blue on white - XR-9WEB1 XR-12WEB1 XR-18WEB1 -

Special tapes for Label-Printer

6 mm 9 mm 12 mm 18 mm 24 mm
Cable flexible tapes Black on white - XR-9HMWE XR-12HMWE XR-18HMWE -
Heat-shrink tube tapes Black on white - XR-9HSWE - XR-18HSWE -
High-strength adhesive tapes Black on white - XR-9GWE XR-12GWE XR-18GWE -
Paper tapes for indoor use Black on white - XR-9TWE XR-12TWE XR-18TWE -
Fluorescent tapes Black on pink - XR-9FPK XR-12FPK XR-18FPK -
Black on orange - XR-9FOE XR-12FOE XR-18FOE -
Black on yellow - XR-9FYW XR-12FYW XR-18FYW -
Black on green - XR-9FGN XR-12FGN XR-18FGN -
Magnetic tapes Black on white - - - - XR-24JWE*
Iron-on fabric tapes Black on white - - XR-12VWE - -

*Does not fit for model KL-820

In order to ensure best printer function and stability, always use only genuine CASIO tape cartridges. Use of a non-CASIO tape cartridge can harm your printer, result in poor printing quality, and cause other problems that can permanently affect the printer’s ability to perform at the level for which it was designed. Also note that problems caused by use of a non-CASIO tape cartridge are not covered by the printer’s warranty, so any charges required for servicing and repair must be borne by you.

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