At a glance

The Labemo MEP-U10 by CASIO is a labeltape printer ideally suited for temporary labelling. Simply connect to your computer using a USB port and make use of the pre-installed fonts and languages.

  • Small, handy device for printing labels and sticky notes via the computer
  • Simple, fast and flexible printing
  • Suitable for temporary labelling
  • Reusable and easy to remove without leaving residue
  • No backing paper – easy to remove
  • Clear typeface always ensures exceptional legibility
  • Uses pre-installed fonts and languages
  • “Print history” function to quickly reprint previously created labels
  • Copy and paste allows you to print short texts from emails or other documents
  • The paper reel is available in three different sizes and colours


Technical Specifications

  • General Data
    • Printing process: 96dot Thermal
    • max. print height: 12mm
    • max. lines of print: 3
    • Print speed: 10 mm/second
    • Printing Resolution: 200 dpi
    • Size (H x W x D): 118 x 61 x 68 mm
    • Weight: 235 g
    • AC adaptor (included)
    • Interface: USB
    • EAN-Code: 4971850-488309 (MEP-U10-WE-EH)
  • System Requirements
    • OS: Windows 8(64/32bit), Microsoft Windows 7(64/32bit) / Vista (64/32bit) / XP (32bit)
      • Windows XP x 64 Edition is not supported
    • Hardware: Computer PC/AT compatible computer that satisfies the conditions below
      • Pre-installed with one of the above mentioned operating systems
      • CPU recommended for the operating system being used
      • USB port installed as standard
      • Memory at least 128 MB of memory recommended for the operating system being used
      • Hard disk at least 120 MB of free space
      • CD drive for installation
  • Included in Delivery
    • MEP-U10
    • Sample Tape (18mm white)
    • AC adaptor
    • USB cable
    • Paper Manual
    • CD (PDF manual, software*)
  • Tapes (re-adhesive)
    • XA-9WE1 (white, 9mm)
    • XA-9YW1 (yellow, 9mm)
    • XA-9PK1 (pink, 9mm)
    • XA-12WE1 (white, 12mm)
    • XA-12YW1 (yellow, 12mm)
    • XA-12PK1 (pink, 12mm)
    • XA-18WE1 (white, 18mm)
    • XA-18YW1 (yellow, 18mm)
    • XA-18PK1 (pink, 18mm)

    * PC connection software is available in 7 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Danish)

    Availability of models and/or lineups may differ depending on the country or region.
    Technical amendments and errors excepted. The sizes in figures do not correspond to the original sizes.
    The colours may differ slightly from the original.