The Advanced Euro Series

Exactly my Biz Style

Advanced Euro Series calculators: the standard for business

Large buttons and an easy-to-read display: these professionally designed calculators ensure correct results in the office. These models stand out thanks to a variety of functions and a sophisticated style.

The large LCD display with easy-to-read numbers supports error-free, accurate calculation work.

The aluminium panel underscores the high-quality appearance of this sophisticated business tool.1

A wide variety of convenient functions make calculation work easy, such as the calculation of costs, selling prices and margins.2

Cost Sell Margin

The profit calculation allows the determination of cost, selling price and margin. The simple entry and transparent display make commercial calculations in particular easier.

How it works:

Product comparison

Feature MS-8E MS-80E MS-88EM MS-100EM MS-120EM DF-120EM DH-12ET
Tax calculation             X
Currency conversion X X X X X X X
Cost/sell/margin     X X X X  
Backspace key X X X X X X  
Sign change (+/-) X X X X X X X
Grand total memory           X X
xx-digit display 8 8 8 10 12 12 12
3-digit comma markers X X X X X X X
Solar/Battery powered X X X X X X X
Double zero key   X       X X
Aluminum panel   X X X X X  
1 For following MS-80E, MS-88EM, MS-100EM, MS-120EM, DF-120EM
2 Available in the following models: MS-88EM, 100EM,MS-120EM, DF-120EM