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CASIO is showcasing the new IT-9000 multifunctional terminal, which is an innovative hand held/payment system for use on the move in many different sectors. Thanks to its integrated high-speed printer, 2D imager, digital camera and UMTS, the handy device provides everything you need for mobile data entry and the creation of documents. When used in conjunction with the DK-approved (German Banking Sector/ZKA [Central Credit Committee]) CCV Vx670 credit card terminal, the terminal allows safe mobile payments to be made using debit and credit cards (chip/magnetic strip) in Germany and many other European countries.

The robust CASIO IT-9000 multifunctional terminal is ideal for use as a mobile POS for outside sales, at trade fairs, markets and delivery services. Thanks to its efficient receipt printer, the terminal is particularly suitable for ticket sales at events or in car parks and for use on the railway and at transport companies. As a result, it supports a variety of tasks where data has to be saved and receipts printed off on the spot. Security services can use GPS to document the exact position of a parking offence, for example, and photograph it using a digital camera. The receipt printer generates the parking ticket straight away. In the supply services sector, consumption data can be recorded on the move and printed out straight away. When used in service organizations, reports can be printed immediately on site and receipts can be issued for payments. Any orders for spare parts can be placed immediately using UMTS.
The integrated printer is able to process varying widths of thermal papers. The revamped design protects the inside of the printer even more effectively from dust and rain when used outside. Another new feature is the bidirec-tional paper feed, which reduces printing times and printout lengths. A block code reader, which records paper usage via a code applied to the rear side of the ticket, provides security against ticket-tempering. An NCF card login guarantees that the device is safeguarded against unauthorised use.
The CASIO IT-9000 is available in ten standard designs and can be tailored to potential applications in a very cost-effective manner. When used in con-junction with the DK-approved (German Banking Sector/Central Credit Committee) CCV Vx670 credit card terminal, the terminal can also be used to make cashless payments using domestic and international debit and credit cards. To do this, the IT-9000 communicates with the PIN pad via Bluetooth and transmits the calculated invoice amount. To process transactions secure-ly, the PIN pad uses the Casio IT-9000 to send the encrypted payment data to the authorisation systems in the credit services sector via UMTS. The re-sult is displayed on the PIN pad and the receipt in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the credit services sector.

The Casio IT-9000 features 256 MB RAM, 256 MB FROM and is supplied with Windows? Embedded CE 6.0, or alternatively with Windows? Embed-ded Handheld 6.5. At around 625 grammes, the compact multifunctional terminal sits well in your hand, making it the ideal hand held terminal for use on the move. The overall package comes into its own when large quantities have to be printed on the spot. The powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery and the IT-9000 power management system allow operating times of around 12 hours. The device comes with a robust casing, is splashproof and dust-proof (IP54), and even works at temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius. Despite its many features, the device is light and robust, and even survives undamaged when dropped from heights of up to 1.5 metres.

Thomas Uppenkamp, Manager of the Mobile Industrial Solutions division at CASIO Europe GmbH in Norderstedt, Germany, likes pointing out the well-known references that the previous model of the new IT-9000 uses with a great deal of satisfaction: "Deutsche Bahn AG alone uses over 13,000 devices. Additional national railways and regional transport companies, as well as a wide range of sales and service organisations, are among our satisfied customers."

For more information on the IT-9000, please contact
CASIO Europe GmbH
Casio-Platz 1 - 22848 Norderstedt, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)40 52865 407 - Fax: +49 (0)40 52865 424
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and visit the following trade fairs:
EuroCIS 2012 (28/02–01/03) in Düsseldorf: Hall 9, Stand A47 (CCV)
LogiMAT 2012 (13–15/03) in Stuttgart: Hall 5, Stand 356

CCV Deutschland is the innovative and future-oriented provider of electronic transaction processing solutions. CCV solutions are used for both payments (point of sales) and in the eHealth sector. Through its wide selection of hardware and our service-based solution acCEPT, CCV is able to guarantee cost savings and increased efficiency at the checkout for the retail market in particular. CCV Deutschland forms part of the European organisation CCV International, which has its registered office in Arnhem, the Netherlands. As one of the largest "VeriFone International Partners" (VIP), CCV provides high-quality, internationally-successful payment terminals with the DK (ZKA) standards applicable on the German market.

Media contact for CCV Deutschland:
Harald Hald, Director of Business Development & Marketing,
tel. +49 (0)8752 864-440, fax +49 (0)8752 864-100, email

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