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RFID handheld device for UHF tags

CASIO partner microsensys is offering an RFID module for reading and recording UHF transponders which works with the successful MDE IT-800 handheld device. With a range of up to two metres, the compact RFID terminal is perfectly adapted for industrial appli-cations and harsh environments in production, logistics and trade.

There is no chunky reading/writing head with projecting antenna, meaning the ergonomics of this proven handheld device are not compromised. A simple extension module on the back of the device indicates its innovative capabilities. Integrated into the flat, fully sealed module from microsensys GmbH (Erfurt, Germany) are the new iID® contactless read-write electronics with circular polarisation antenna for UHF transponders working in a 860 -960 MHz range. The extension module fits exactly onto the back of the Casio IT-800 and weighs only approx. 42 grams. It does not make the light MDE device any less easy to handle nor compromise its IP54 protection category. The high level of functionality offered by the IT-800, with digital camera, CMOS imager/laser scanner and GPS, is also maintained.

"The wide range of up to two metres, which enables simultaneous read-out of multiple RFID labels of entire packaging units or pallets, is particularly practical", says Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the Mobile Industrial Solutions division at Casio Europe GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany. "Our partner, microsensys, has developed an innovative RFID module that is energy efficient and only marginally affects the operating time of the handheld device".

The Casio IT-800 works with a PXA320 processor with 624-mHz pulse, 128 MB RAM, 256 MB FROM memory using Windows Mobile 6.5. Several versions of the innovative handheld computer are available. These come with different features - digital camera, CMOS imager/laser scanner, GPS and wireless standards. At 350 grams, the IT-800 is light yet robust and carries the IP54 protection rating, meaning it is protected against dust and splash water and is able to withstand falls onto concrete from a height of 1.5 metres. The terminal can cope with operating temperatures down to -20ºC, allowing it to be used outdoors all year round, whether on hot, cold or rainy days.

The extremely impact-resistant Casio Blanview® LCD screen also allows the IT-800 to deliver outstanding power-saving performance despite the improved visibility both indoors and out. With a resolution of 480 x 640 pixels, the VGA display enables user-friendly entry of data via the anti-scratch touch panel. This panel can be used to record signatures directly on the display, for instance. The integrated digital camera takes sharp two-megapixel pictures at an ultra-fast speed, then saves them with the recorded data set.

The Casio IT-800 RFID module reads at a rate of 40-640 kbps and records transponders at 40 kbps in accordance with ISO 18000-6 (Chip Solutions: EPC C1 G2 [ISO 18000-6 type 3], Alien Higgs 3/4, Impinj Monza 3/4/5, NXP UCODE). The Casio IT-800/RFID handheld device, as well as the retrofittable RFID module, are available for delivery now. "The compact handheld device can be carried in your trouser pocket and is able to scan one and two-dimensional identcodes, read UHF tags and create photo documents using the digital camera", Thomas Uppenkamp explains. "This makes it the number-one choice for a whole host of tasks within the fields of warehouse logistics, services, industry and trade.

For more information on the IT-800/RFID, please contact
CASIO Europe GmbH
Casio-Platz 1 - 22848 Norderstedt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)40-52865-407 - Fax: +49 (0)40-52865-424
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Casio IT-800/RFID: Compact handheld device for UHF transponders
The tiny RFID module from microsensys does not impair the excellent ergonomics of this proven handheld device. The circularly polarised antenna enables reading and writing at a range of up to two metres.

Easy-to-handle RFID handheld device with wide range
The Casio IT-800/RFID can withstand falls from a height of 1.5 metres and carries an IP54 protection rating. Users of this robust handheld device can work under harsh day-to-day industrial conditions without restrictions.

Still an ergonomic device...
There is no chunky reading/writing head with projecting antenna, meaning the ergonomics of this proven handheld device are not compromised. The tiny RFID module from microsensys including antenna fits exactly onto the extension area on the back of the Casio IT-800.

UHF RFID module for the Casio IT-800 handheld device
The standard Casio IT-800 can be retrofitted with the new RFID module for UHF transponders by microsensys.

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