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Casio Releases Dual Display Calculator for Added Convenience
Temporarily record a calculation result on one screen, then use the value for another calculation on the other

Norderstedt, November 8, 2011 - Casio announces the release of the new DV-220, JV-220 and MV-210 calculators with dual displays. The dual displays make it possible to copy values between the displays, save calculation results and use the saved values for other calculations.

The DV-220, JV-220 and MV-210 calculators have a main display and a sub display, with the ability to copy values from one display to the other. This feature is convenient for temporarily recording calculation results, or using calculated values in another calculation. It is also possible to perform independent calculations and see the results separately in the two displays, making it a breeze to compare calculation results or verify calculations.

The sub display also assists in performing various calculations that are frequently used in office settings, such as tax calculations, calculations of cost, selling price and margin, and currency conversion. For example, the main display can be used to display the tax added or pre-tax price, while showing the tax amount in the sub display. For calculations of cost, selling price and margin, it is possible to switch between the displays to show all three values in the two displays. During currency conversion, the conversion rate can be displayed in the sub display while showing the converted amount in the main display.

The calculators offer a host of features including two-way power (solar and battery) to retain data even if light is obscured during a calculation, and key rollover to enable input of the next key even before the previous key is released. These features deliver superior ease of use that users can always count on.

JV-220Compact Desk12
MV-210Mini Desk10

Common Specifications

Minus symbol (-), constant (K), error (E), function command symbols, commas displayed every 3 digits, memory (GT/memo)

Calculation Functions
The four basic calculation operations, tax calculation, currency conversion calculation, constant calculation, profit margin percentage calculations, cost/sell/margin calculations, GT calculation, and other compound calculations

Independent memory (memo), memory for tax rate and exchange rate
Main display and sub display: GT memory

Power Supply
Two way power, alkaline battery (1 x LR44)

Life of Alkaline Battery
Approximately 3 years on LR44 (when used for one hour per day)

Auto Power Off
Auto power off in approximately 6 minutes


Display12 digits
Floating Decimal ModeF CUT UP 5/4, 4 3 2 1 0 ADD2
Weight Approximately 255 g


Display12 digits
Floating Decimal ModeF CUT 5/4, 4 3 2 1 0 ADD2
Dimensions26.5 × 107 ×180.5mm
Weight Approximately 195 g


Display10 digits
Dimensions31.5 × 111×146mm
Weight Approximately 160 g

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