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CASIO to Release Standard Scientific Calculators with Simple Designs for Enhanced Ease of Use

Norderstedt, 13th of December 2018. CASIO Computer Co., Ltd., announced today the release of new models in its MS Series of standard scientific calculators, featuring simple designs that users will never tire of.

The affordable MS Series scientific calculators are equipped with S-V.P.A.M.,*¹ which enables users to input expressions in the same order they would usually use in the classroom. CASIO MS Series scientific calculators have proven popular with engineers and students around the world.

With the release of this second generation MS Series, which are marked by a “2nd edition” inscription, CASIO has updated its patented design of the calculators for the first time since the MS Series was launched in 2002.

With rounded corners and edges for a better fit in the hand, the body has been reshaped to enable the hard cover to be slid on from either the top or bottom of the calculator. The cursor keys are accented with a special textured surface around the keys. High-visibility fonts and high-contrast printing colors enhance ease of use. The four separate cursor keys replacing the old single four-way cursor button makes it easier for users to press the keys.

*¹ S-V.P.A.M. stands for Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method.


Number of functions




Battery life*²



13.8 × 77 × 161.5 mm

105 g


2 years



13.8 × 77 × 161.5 mm

105 g


2 years

*² Battery life is calculated based on one hour of use per day.

Main specification

Calculation functions

four arithmetic operation, fractional calculation, percent calculation, degree/minute/second calculations, display format(FIX, SCI), answer memory, independent memory, trigonometric calculation, inverse trigonometric calculation, hyperbolic/ inverse hyperbolic, logarithm functions, exponential function, other functional calculations (√, 3√, x√, x2, x3, x-1, x!, Ran#, Π, permutation nPr, combination nCr), angle unit conversion(deg, rad, grad), coordinate calculation, engineering notation, standard deviation

number of variables, statistical calculations (regression calculation, sum calculations)


10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display


Hard case

About CASIO Europe GmbH
CASIO is one of the leading international manufacturers of electronic consumer products. Following the principle of “creativity and contribution”, the company has dedicated itself since its foundation in 1957 to the development of products characterized by modern technology and innovative design language. Today, the product range of CASIO includes calculators, electronic dictionaries, projectors, watches, musical instruments, cash register systems and terminals for mobile phones.

CASIO school and graphic calculators
CASIO offers a wide range of school and graphic calculators. The models are adapted to the requirements of the different school types. Technical-scientific calculator or graphic calculator with/without computer algebra system – in Germany, the use of the according model is subject to the curricula of the individual federal states.

For the majority of the models, there are software products with the same operation available that enable fast and uncomplicated lesson preparation as well as a more lively lesson design. For teachers, CASIO offers a comprehensive support program with free workshops and trainings, teaching materials, a free school calculator rental service and much more.

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