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Light handheld device for RFID and NFC

CASIO has introduced an RFID version of its ultra-robust DT-X8 warehouse handheld device. The read/write antenna is integrated in parallel with a laser scanner or CMOS imager and communicates with RFID tags and NFC systems in the HF-range (13.56 MHz).

On the outside, the new CASIO DT-X8 handheld device with RFID technology looks virtually the same as the basic version that was introduced to great success in early 2011 and that can read all common 1D and 2D codes using a laser scanner or CMOS imager. The additional RFID module with fully integrated read/write antenna adds a mere five grams in weight. At 285 grams in total, the DT-X8/RFID is one of the lightest handheld devices of its kind available anywhere in the world. As it offers IP67 protection and an unusually high drop resistance of three metres, it is also undoubtedly one of the most robust.

"It is remarkable that such a high degree of functionality and extreme durability could be achieved with no restriction in the basic device and without the need to attach an additional RFID housing component", explained Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the Mobile Industrial Solutions division at Casio Europe GmbH, Norderstedt, Germany. "Our Japanese engineers have developed and integrated a tiny RFID module that uses little energy and enables the handheld terminal with RFID-R/W plus laser scanner to be operated for 25 hours, and the handheld terminal with RFID-R/W plus CMOS imager to be operated for 20 hours"

The Casio DT-X8 with RFID reads and writes tags in accordance with ISO15693 I-CODE SLI®, Tag-it® and my-d®. When it comes to contactless smart cards and Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports protocols in accordance with ISO14443 A/B, FeliCa® and Mifare®. This handy terminal has been specially designed for everyday use in a warehouse environment, and its S-shaped, well-balanced housing upholds the principles of Human-centred Design. Three non-slip trigger buttons give both right-handed and left-handed users the means to adopt a variety of working positions, thereby reducing finger movement to a minimum. Scanning and RFID take place on the device head at a downwards diagonal in both versions. This ensures that the device is extremely quick and intuitive to use as it is possible to read off the display while reading is in progress. As a further feature designed to increase efficiency, a reading confirmation is issued by means of a vibration function.

The CASIO DT-X8 uses a PXA320 processor with 624 MHz, 128 MB RAM and 256 MB FROM memory in a Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 R3 system. The contrast-rich colour display supports user-friendly data input via a touch screen. The screen can be used for softkey functionality and, for example, for capturing signatures directly on the display. The BlanView® LCD is highly transflective and saves power while offering increased visibility when working in interior and exterior areas. The CASIO DT-X8 is supplied ready to use with a 2.860-mAh battery, USB cable, wrist strap and mains adapter.

The new CASIO DT-X8 handheld device with RFID/NFC technology is available from September 2011 with either an integrated laser scanner for barcodes or a CMOS imager for all common 2D codes. Even though it is extremely robust, it is also exceptionally ergonomic and its intrinsic values make it the "first choice" for many tasks in the fields of warehouse logistics, service, industry and trade.

dtx 8, rfid, nfc, caiso, mis,mobile daten erfassung

RFID, NFC, laser scanner and CMOS imager in a robust housing
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The CASIO DT-X8 with RFID module is supplied with either a laser scanner or CMOS imager. As it offers IP67 protection, a drop resistance of three metres and a total weight of just 285 grams, it is the lightest handheld device in its class.

dtx 8, rfid, nfc, caiso, mis,mobile daten erfassung

Handy RFID handheld device with IP67 protection
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The CASIO DT-X8 with RFID module can withstand being dropped from a height of three metres and offers IP67 protection. This robust handheld device allows users to work without restriction, even in extreme conditions such as continuous rain or the tough everyday environment that is common to industrial work.

dtx 8, rfid, nfc, caiso, mis,mobile daten erfassung

NFC handheld device for security services, ticketing and mobile payment
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The Casio DT-X8 with NFC can be used to monitor entry to high-security areas or major events. For example, a wireless connection enables users to retrieve a profile and photograph saved in an IT system and then determine whether the person they have checked is authorised to enter.

dtx 8, rfid, nfc, caiso, mis,mobile daten erfassung

RFID handheld device for fire brigade, security and service organisa-tions
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The CASIO DT-X8 with RFID is extremely robust and offers a high degree of functionality while being exceptionally light, making it ideal for use in tough environments. RFID can be used, for example, as a quick method of checking that equipment is complete.

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