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Ideally suited to SAP applications
With their renewed certification for Casio handhelds, the multinational companies SAP SE and GK Software AG confirm the compatibility of the devices with the application software \"SAP Offline Mobile Store by GK\". Like the tried and tested IT-G500 mobile computer, the new full-touch IT-G400 handheld is an impressive option for use in the retail sector.

The retail sector must currently manage a wide range of time-consuming processes. Without professional technical support, this can no longer be achieved. IT systems, such as "SAP Offline Mobile Store by GK", automate and optimise all important processes with the aid of multi-functional mobile computers, from scheduling to pricing. To assure users that software and hardware are in perfect harmony, responsible companies such as SAP and GK Software are conducting a wide range of tests to ensure the full compatibility of future hardware.

While thousands of handhelds from the certified Casio IT-G500 series are now being used to conduct everyday business in retail stores, the Casio IT-G400 full-touch handheld has now also successfully passed testing. "Casio is proud that another device has been able to pass the strict tests set by GK Software and SAP with flying colours", explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Manager of Mobile Industrial Solutions at Casio Europe GmbH. The test confirms that the keyboard-free Casio IT-G400 can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP infrastructure using the Android operating system. "Data is captured and processed without any compatibility or formatting problems."

The Casio IT-G400, a full-touch handheld with state-of-the-art Android operating system, opens up new fields of application in industry, retail, logistics and services. The MDE device has components that have already been tried and tested in professionally used handhelds. The MDE device is ideally suited to existing IT infrastructures. This allows a high level of planning security when it comes to investment in hardware and software.

The robust mobile computer is ideally suited to industrial applications, as the five-inch full-touch display is virtually unbreakable and extreme-ly scratch-resistant. The IP67 protection rating indicates that the device is well-protected against the ingress of dust and water, making it particu-larly well-suited for outdoor use in wind and inclement weather. In addi-tion, the mobile computer is a lightweight 325 g and is robust, withstand-ing a drop onto concrete from 1.5 metres.

"We are delighted that Casio is now able to provide two different models of its current handheld series for SAP users and that they have been well received in the retail sector," explains Thomas Uppenkamp. "It is due to the wide range of possibilities for data acquisition, combined with optimal ergonomics and a high degree of robustness, that the retail trade has accepted the device so readily and it is becoming increasingly popular in retail stores." This is also confirmed by Casio partner GK Software AG. Its software solutions have been officially certified by SAP in conjunction with Casio handhelds.

GK Software and its subsidiaries support more than seventy projects at medium-sized and large retail companies, some of which are active in more than 20 countries. Every day, over 248,000 productive installations in more than 50 countries ensure the secure handling of business-critical processes for customers.

For more information about CASIO handhelds, please contact
CASIO Europe GmbH
D-22848 Norderstedt - Casio-Platz 1
Telephone: +49 40 52865.407 - Fax: +49 40 52865.424
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Casio will be presenting its innovative MDE handhelds at the "Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology", the EuroCIS in and at LogiMAT:
EuroCIS — Düsseldorf, 27/02 – 01/03/2018: Hall 10, Stand C25
LogiMAT — Stuttgart, 13 – 15/03/2018: Hall 6, Stand C14

Award-winning and SAP-certified handhelds
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The "Top Produkt Handel 2017" award-winning all-in-one handheld IT-G500 and the new full-touch handheld IT-G400 have both received the highly coveted certification from SAP SE and GK-Software AG.

Casio IT-G400: Full-touch handheld for use in retail
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The Casio IT-G400, a full-touch handheld with state-of-the-art Android operating system, opens up new fields of application in industry, retail, logistics and services. The device contains components that have al-ready been proven to be top-class in handhelds used industrially.

Casio IT-G500: All-in-one handheld for retail
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The s ergonomic positioning of the scanning and entry keys on the Ca-sio IT-G500 make single-handed operation simple, and the tilted scanner head prevents cramping and fatigue in the hands.

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