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"Top Produkt Handel 2017"
The IT-G500 mobile computer from CASIO impressed users and system vendors with its innovative features for enabling efficient working practices.

The retail sector must currently manage a wide range of time-consuming processes. Without professional technical support, this can no longer be achieved. With the help of multifunctional handheld computers, goods management systems automate and optimise all important processes, from procurement to pricing. These devices have proven so useful that a tried-and-tested goods management system and an innovative MDE handheld terminal were the winners in the branch management category of the "Top Produkt Handel" competition at "EuroShop", the world's number one retail trade fair held in Düsseldorf.

Around 800 readers of trade magazine "BusinessHandel" voted on the best solutions for supporting trade and chose winners in seven categories. "We're very pleased that Casio won the silver award for the IT-G500 mobile computer", explains the proud winner, Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the "Mobile Industrial Solutions" business unit at Casio Europe GmbH. "The device has been very well received and is increasingly being used in the branch retail trade because of its wide range of options for data entry along with its incredibly ergonomic and robust design."

This is also confirmed by Casio partner GK Software AG, the company that provides the GK/Retail omni-channel solution that has been officially certified by SAP in conjunction with the all-in-one Casio IT-G500 handheld terminal. Thomas Uppenkamp explains: "As our handheld terminal fulfils the strict requirements set out by GK Software and SAP with flying colours, it can be seamlessly integrated into the SAP infrastructure."

Another example of the Casio IT-G500's popularity is the fact that a large corporate group from the branch retail trade has decided to use the versatile all-in-one handheld terminal because of its user-friendly operating concept. The device allows the group to offer its branch partners a complete solution for inventory management.

The Casio IT-G500 is extremely robust, comfortably ergonomic and just as powerful as it is versatile. It is resistant to external influences, water and dust, can cope with temperature fluctuations and can withstand being dropped onto concrete. The device feels light in your hand and can be operated in the same way as a smartphone via the large touchscreen.

The IT-G500 handheld terminal is available either with a laser scanner for barcodes or with a CMOS imager for all common 1D and 2D codes. Scanning takes place at a downwards diagonal angle, which ensures that the scanning process is extremely quick and intuitive as the display can be read while scanning is in progress. Integrated band-pass filters are a significant new addition when it comes to working areas equipped with modern LED lighting. These filters prevent interference caused by the high-frequency flickering of LED lamps. Combined with optimised decoder algorithms and an enhanced stabilisation process, the integrated band-pass filters ensure a higher level of read performance in challenging environments.

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Outstanding technology in an ergonomic housing
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
El IT-G500 de Casio galardonado como "Producto estrella del comercio 2017" no solo tiene un diseño elegante, sino que convence sobre todo por su elevada comodidad de uso junto con la tecnología más refinada.

The proud winner...
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The IT-G500 mobile computer won the silver award for Casio in the branch management category.

Mobile computer for trade
(Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The ergonomic positioning of the scanning and entry keys make single-handed operation simple, and the tilted scanner head prevents cramping and fatigue in the hands.

Casio Europe GmbH
CASIO IT-G500 all-in-one handheld terminal
Category: Branch management

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