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CASIO releases new graphing calculator with 3D function
Casio Computer is launching the new colour screen graphing calculator FX-CG50 that is able to draw 3D graphs. Innovative and easy-to-operate functions as well as the high-quality design make this calculator an advanced device for practical mathematics teaching.

Norderstedt, 18 January 2017. By offering 3D visualisation of results in graphs, the FX-CG50 helps pupils to learn intuitively the relationship between formulas and graphs that calculate spheres and cylinders. The device can display up to three types of 3D graphs overlaid on one screen. Besides, users can visualise the cross section of the sphere.

Advanced tool for mathematics and science teaching
CASIO's new FX-CG50 is not only useful in mathematics, it is also highly suitable for experiments in physics and chemistry lessons. The calculator can simply be connected to the data collection interface C-Lab¹ in order to measure data by means of various sensors such as temperature or distance. In addition, triaxial acceleration can easily be calculated using the FX-CG50. Connected to the C-Lab, which is equipped with Auto ID recognition, the calculator automatically recognises the type of sensor connected. The results of the measurements can be displayed as graphs on the calculator's display.

CASIO offers reliable calculators with attractive design
The product's design is a facelift of the successful model FX-CG20. The body has been coated with a special finish, thereby enhancing the elegant surface and design. In addition, keys in a metal look emanate a sense of quality.

Casio Computer developed the world's first graphing calculator FX-7000G in 1985. It was able to display graphs of various mathematical expressions. In 2010, the colour graphing calculator FX-CG20 was released, equipped with a Picture Plot application. Continuously developing its school and graphing calculators, CASIO is a reliable partner contributing to modern mathematics education.

¹ Manufactured by Center for Microcomputer Applications

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