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Chosen again
Logistics service provider Dachser has once again chosen a handheld terminals from Casio. The new devices from the IT-G500 series will replace the DT-X30 models that have been in successful use for the past eight years.

Dachser, one of the world's leading logistics companies, has been using mobile data processing devices from the Japanese manufacturer for more than 12 years for online documentation of its delivery processes. The Casio IT-G500 handheld unit now in use is the third generation of device to be used by Dachser, after the Casio DT-X10 (2004) and Casio DT-X30 (2009) series. Dachser processes information including the proof of delivery from local deliveries using the NV-online app. Around 10% of the 7500 devices currently in use at Dachser belong to the latest generation.  "We decided for Casio again because our experience with the actual devices in use has been excellent", confirms Thomas von Jan, Department Head IT-Frontend Systems. "The handheld devices are extremely robust as well as reliable and help us to network mobile processes in the flow of information and goods."

Users agree
Before the new NV-online hardware was selected, similar devices from other manufacturers were considered, and comparable handheld devices were thoroughly tested. In addition to its technical features and high levels of performance, the IT-G500 from Casio also impressed with its lightweight design.  Günter Kürner, Head of Local Traffic at Dachser's Freiburg branch, was pleased to describe his experience during the pilot phase: "The tried-and-tested Casio DT-X30 had to be carried in a belt pouch because it weighed nearly 600 grams, but the new model easily fits into a pocket in work clothing. Thanks to its slim design and the fact that it weighs less than 300 grams, our drivers were visibly enthusiastic about the new model, right from the pilot phase. Improvements made to the scanner head, including an ergonomic tilted design and significantly enhanced reading performance, allow faster data capture and make our employees' work easier."

Handheld devices with potential
Dachser has decided to use the Casio IT-G500-GC21E as the hardware for the third generation of its NV-online system. This version of the handheld device uses the Windows® Embedded Compact 7 real-time operating system with multi-processing support and is both innovative and future-proof, enabling further development of the NV-online app in the future.
ID codes are read by the integrated CMOS imager with autofocus, which in addition to the barcodes commonly in use, will also be able to quickly and reliably record 2D codes in the future. Deliveries can be signed for directly on the touchscreen, which offers clear colours and good contrast even in bright sunlight.
The handheld device uses fast 3G mobile Internet with HSPA/UMTS for data communication between local drivers on their delivery routes and the Dachser headquarter. This ensures that the recorded data is available almost immediately as status information to everyone involved in the flow of goods, which in turn allows timely tracking and tracing of packages. The integrated GPS module can be used to determine the location of vehicles in particular situations and, in conjunction with the large colour display, could be used as a navigation device in future. 
In addition to being used in the field (NV-online), the devices are also being used at the branches for swap body administration and to document damaged goods in cargo handling facilities. The Casio IT-G500 includes an integrated digital camera with auto-focus and LED flash for this purpose.

Robust but lightweight
Even though the slim handheld device may not immediately appear highly resistant to external influences, it rises to any challenge posed by day-to-day use in rough working conditions. The lightweight housing is produced using durable plastic and can withstand drops onto concrete from a height of 1.5 metres. It can withstand even more with the "bumper" used by Dachser.  The device also offers optimum protection against dust and water penetration in accordance with the IP67 protection rating.
"Dachser has made excellent experience with our handheld devices and also consulted the repair statistics of the previous models before choosing our IT-G500", explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of the Mobile Industrial Solutions department at Casio Europe GmbH. "Dachser is very pleased with the extremely low failure rate. Even better results can be expected from the new and more lightweight devices."
The project management and delivery of the mobile devices is being handled by Cologne-based PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH, which also offers services when required.

Ready for increasing requirements
The current applications at Dachser do not make full use of the high levels of performance and the extensive range of functions available on the new handheld devices from Casio. However, some integrated features (2D imager, RFID/NFC, GPS) mean that process optimisations and new and interesting applications can be expected.  Thomas von Jan confirms: "Our modern IT systems allow our customers to keep an eye on their goods flow at any time online. Scanning deliveries with mobile devices and prompt communication with the headquarter are important elements in end-to-end tracking of shipments. The new Casio IT-G500 promises to be a secure investment for many more years and safeguards the future development of our logistics processes."


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Dachser is one of Europe's leading logistics providers and has a worldwide presence thanks to its global network of air and sea freight locations. Last year, the company generated a total worldwide turnover of 5.64 billion euro. Around 26,500 employees moved 78.1 million packages with a total weight of 37.3 million tonnes in 428 locations worldwide.

In the field of mobile data capturing, Casio represents ultimate hardware quality and extraordinary robustness together with reliable project management and rapid support. The Mobile Industrial Solutions business unit stands out as a strong partner for software companies and system integrators.  

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