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Lightweight handheld for retail applications
Casio Europe presents an extremely lightweight yet durable handheld for fast and secure data recording in shops and warehouse. With its curved, sleek housing, the new CASIO DT-X100 is remarkably ergonomic and elegant; but it impresses with its functionality and excellent performance when reading 1D and 2D barcodes.

Just as light and handy as its successful predecessor the DT-X7, the new DT-X100 offers significantly improved performances and read qualities compared to typical retail handhelds for all applications in shops, warehouses and at the point of sale. "Weighing just 165 grams and with its sleek, ergonomically shaped housing, the new terminal is also suitable for those with small hands", explains Thomas Uppenkamp, Head of Mobile Industrial Solutions at CASIO Europe GmbH in Norderstedt, Germany. "Our Japanese engineers have integrated new scanner or imager modules into the handheld. Combined with the optimised software, this results in an exceptionally high detection rate. This means the DT-X100 can simultaneously read and decode multiple codes at incredible speed, even if the codes are damaged".

The handheld features a new integrated band-pass filter to compensate for the high-frequency flickering from LED lights. This is particularly important when the handheld is used in retail, as it prevents interference when scanning. Optimised decoding algorithms and an improved stabilisation process have also helped to increase reading performance, even under modern shop lighting.

When scanning, good or bad reads are immediately confirmed by means of an optical or acoustic signal and by the vibration of the handheld. The device vibration is particularly useful in a noisy environment. Because of its higher reading range, the imager is equipped with a laser aiming point. On both the scanner and the imager, the scanner head is angled downwards in order to make it even easier to operate the device. By angling the scanner in this way, the device is very comfortable to hold and the user can see the display during the scanning process. Three trigger buttons give the freedom how to individually hold the device.

The CASIO DT-X100 has been made according to the ergonomic guidelines of human-centred design and is also highly resistant to external influences. Its lightweight housing is manufactured from flexible plastic and can withstand drops onto concrete from a height of up to 1.5 metres. The device offers protection against dust and water according to the IP54 protection class and is fully functional at temperatures between -20°C and +50°C. Whether in a warehouse or at the point of sale, the CASIO DT-X100 has the ideal features to demonstrate its benefits in longterm daily use. The balanced design and the non-slip surface on the bottom of the device allow it to be operated easily and effortlessly.

The CASIO DT-X100 is equipped with a Marvell® PXA 320 processor (806 MHz) and more than enough memory. The operating system of the unit is Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Compact 7. This system makes it extremely easy to integrate the mobile devices into existing applications and standard solutions. The combination of powerful hardware and a proven operating system means that the device represents a secure investment over many years and is suitable for a great number of applications. Bluetooth® (2.1) and WLAN (IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n) are integrated for fast data communication.

Thomas Uppenkamp: "By involving experienced users in the design process, we have achieved a high degree of usability. A high level of acceptance of the new handheld among users ensures fast and efficient operation".

Ergonomic handheld device with powerful barcode reader (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The CASIO DT-X100 is supplied with either a laser scanner or CMOS imager. Three non-slip scan buttons give both right-handed and left-handed users the means to adopt a variety of working positions, thereby reducing finger movement to a minimum.

Lightweight handheld for retail and logistics (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
With its curved, sleek housing, the CASIO DT-X100 is remarkably ergonomic and elegant; but it impresses with its functionality and excellent performance when reading 1D and 2D barcodes.

Effortless one-handed operation (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The S-shaped design and centre balancing point make the CASIO DT-X100 easy to use and ensure effortless work.

High-speed scanner or CMOS imager (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
The application determines whether or not a laser scanner for barcodes or an imager for common 2D codes is required. Both reading modules are extremely high-performance.

Ideal handheld for the point of sale (Image: CASIO Europe, Norderstedt, Germany)
Specially designed for use in retail, the handheld features an integrated band-pass filter to compensate the high-frequency flickering from LED lights. It prevents interference when scanning and enables optimal read performance.

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