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New label printer - The guardian of peace in schools and nursery schools
Restore order from the chaos wherever children are at play: CASIO has made some useful additions to its range of labelling systems in the form of the KL-HD1 mobile device and the KL-G2 with PC connection.

Norderstedt, 15th April 2015. Labels are used all the time at nurseries and schools – everything from personal items to the contents of the school stock cupboard needs to be labelled. Thanks to these new devices from CASIO, any item can be labelled quickly and easily by hand. The labels/sticky notes produced with the Labemo devices are ideally suited for temporary labelling because they can be easily removed without leaving any residue. The labels produced with the Label Printer are ideal when the labels need to remain in place for a long time.

Who owns what? Distinguishing between students', classes' and school's property!
To ensure that learning materials are not mixed up by students, nametags can be used to easily assign possessions such as notebooks, books, calculators etc. School storage systems such as lockers can also be identified by name. From chalk and board rules to registers, many classroom items are almost identical. The CASIO labelling systems ensure clear designation. All you have to do is enter the class name, print and then affix to the object. The CASIO labelling systems are also invaluable in school libraries where coloured tapes with clear labelling create a overview of the books and shelves.

Making a name for children
It's hard to imagine a nursery without name labels. They're used in the cloakroom, on shelves and on personal items such as toothbrush mugs and Tupperware. Children love to bring home their paintings and show them off with pride – to prevent any mix-ups, the child's name can be printed out and affixed to the picture. You can regularly record the rapid growth of your little ones on the wall or door frame without leaving a mess. CASIO labelling systems are ideally suited to creating game, meal and weekly plans.

Two new label printers – For long-lasting satisfaction
The compact, handy KL-HD1 Label Printer with battery operation is ideal for mobile use. The intuitive, easy input concept, large display screen and modern design of the KL-HD1 makes this device a useful tool.
With the KL-G2 Label Printer, CASIO is launching a clever device for stationary use. This label printer is very user-friendly and can be easily connected to a PC via USB, meaning the device is compatible with all of the fonts and languages installed on the computer. Even barcodes can be printed. Thanks to the very high printing speed, the labels are created immediately and the automatic cutter with half-cut function makes it especially easy to detach the labels from the backing paper.

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