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Casio's New DJ Controller and Groove Center Offer Users the Chance to Mix, Scratch and Produce Their Own Tracks

Norderstedt, Germany, January 22, 2015: CASIO Europe GmbH presents its new Trackformer series of DJ equipment that enables individuals to emulate their favorite DJs and producers. With the XW-DJ1 DJ Controller and XW-PD1 Groove Center, dance music fans can create, mix and play or produce their favorite tracks on their own. The two all-in-one machines will be presented to music experts on NAMM Show, Anaheim 22-25 January.

XW-DJ1 DJ Controller
Designed with a large 7-inch platter that provides the feel of an analog turntable, filter controls and cross fader, Casio’s XW-DJ1 DJ Controller allows users to enjoy the popular ‘scratching’ DJ style when mixing and creating tracks. The XW-DJ1 is compatible with Algoriddims djay app for iTunes, which was chosen as an Apple Design Award winner. The XW-DJ1 integration with djay provides direct controls for cue points, tempo sync, effects, looping and more providing users a tactile experience for mixing and performing music. Users can also connect to Spotify, a leading commercial music streaming service, and mix along to their favorite songs. Additionally, the compact XW-DJ1 is extremely portable because it is battery-powered and offers a built-in-speaker for enjoyment anywhere, anytime.

XW-PD1 Groove Center
The XW-PD1 Groove Center is equipped with the sound engine from Casio’s widely-popular XW series of synthesizers, which features preset patterns produced by professional beat makers that cover dance music genres like Trap and EDM. The XW-PD1 design includes 16 pads and 4 knobs for fast real-time music production. The XW-PD1’s outer ring contains 16 buttons which can be used to control the step sequencer, select tracks, effect and more. Users can create powerful rhythms and phrases with the pads as well as apply DSP effects such as filters, delays, and ring modulators to the total mix. The XW-PD1 includes drum kits for a variety of styles such as R&B, Hip Hop, Trap, House while its Solo Synth engine can create screaming ACID bass lines, Dubstep wobble effects and more.

The audio output of the XW-DJ1 can be connected to the audio input of the XW-PD1 so the two units can be used in tandem. This allows users to do live remix performances utilizing the unique capabilities of each product.

The new trackformer series is positioned as follows in terms of price:
XW-DJ1   RRP: 249,00 €   available end of march 2015
XW-PD1   RRP: 349,00 €   available end of april 2015

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