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A daring experiment – concert grand vs. digital piano
Based on the example of the new AiR technology, CASIO conducts a test to assess the performance of today\'s digital pianos

The duellists: an acoustic grand piano and a CELVIANO AP-450. The idea: to record both instruments with microphones in a large recording hall. The challenge: milestone or letdown? How close is the sound of the new multi-dimensional AiR Sound Source to that of the acoustic piano? The place: the Teldex Studio in Berlin, the largest private recording studio in Germany. The recording hall measures around 450 m2 with a ceiling height of 8.5 metres. The pianists: Dirk Ebersbach on the acoustic piano and Natalia Posnova on the CELVIANO AP-450. The realisation: a video special on the "concert grand vs. digital piano" duel with impressive audio tests and additional interviews.

A concert grand in your living room? What most people who are passionate about playing the piano would really like is to have a concert grand in their home. "That's the great dream," says Martin Moritz, Product Manager CASIO Europe. But of course, a concert grand needs the right acoustics, ideally a large concert hall – not something to be found in most homes... "A digital piano is a very good alternative, especially when it features the new AiR technology from CASIO which offers unbelievably precise emulation of piano sound and keyboard response," explains Martin Moritz. "With its pioneering innovations in the new PRIVIA and CELVIANO models, CASIO is pushing the boundaries of two-dimensional speaker sound to create a multi-dimensional physical sound experience."

How good can a digital piano be today? CASIO set up this daring experiment in order not only to make the latest digital piano technology available to a wider public, but also to evaluate the performance of today's digital pianos. The aim of the duel between the concert grand and the digital piano was not to prove that the new AiR digital piano technology makes the one sound exactly the same as the other. A concert grand still is and always will be a concert grand. The object was take stock of where we are now and how close we are. It is without doubt an exciting experiment, and one that demonstrates the company's courage in putting the product's promises to the test. The results of the experiment might surprise you. CASIO's marketing team have succeeded in demonstrating that an innovative digital piano today represents a real alternative to an acoustic grand piano for many customers.
Recording in progress Incidentally, the recordings of the two instruments were not edited in any way and no equaliser or compression was used. In other words, none of the many options for enhancing the sound quality offered by a professional recording studio were used.
The video special on the duel can be viewed online now at featuring not only the main video "Duel", but also musical performances by the pianists Natalia Posnova, Dirk Ebersbach and Max Tempia and interviews with the artists, who provide their expert opinions. All in all, this is a project that is all the more successful for being courageous. Enjoy the film!

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