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SHE-3503D-8AER – the latest SHEEN model has arrived!

Berlin, July 2013 – Introducing: Casio’s latest women’s watch brand SHEEN! The premium line weds select and exclusive materials like titanium ceramics, stainless steel and sapphire glass with stylish designs and fashionable accents. Placing great emphasis on manual precision, the SHEEN brand appeals to modern and self-assured women – women like Elisabetta Canalis. Beyond her work as a presenter and model, the SHEEN brand ambassador is also an avid kick boxer.

“Make every moment shine” is SHEEN’s avowed credo – and reflected in the brand’s careful selection of materials. The key composite, a titanium ceramic alloy, not only lends the watches their premium look, but also counts among the most robust materials used in watch production. Despite their feminine look and sleek and elegant design, SHEEN watches are extremely resilient – a feature supported by the use of highly scratch-resistant sapphire glass in some of the models on offer.

he latest addition to the SHEEN range, the SHE-3503D-8AER, builds on the SHE-3502BD-8AER with a solid stainless steel wristband and body. Its most eye-catching new feature: a neon illuminator that reveals the time under any lighting conditions – and adds a welcome aesthetic accent to the sophisticated design. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass is framed by an exclusive titanium ceramics bezel in muted silver, offsetting the sparkling SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that accentuate the model’s face plate. For added, subtle colour the SHE-3503D’s sweep hand and parts of the crown come in a timeless lilac while SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS on the indicators make every moment shine.

Thanks to its welcome toughness and elegant, modern look, this new SHEEN model is a perfect everyday companion – a truly timeless timepiece for any style or occasion.

SHEEN, the new women’s watch brand by CASIO, explores the unique and diverse facets of purely analogue timepieces for modern, self-assured women. Blending premium materials like titanium ceramics, sapphire glass, leather and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS with stylish designs, fashionable accents and manual precision, they set the scene for a sophisticated, feminine understatement based on the watch as an everyday accessory. Six different lines showcase the brand’s impressive breadth and diversity, with the Gold Line presenting precious designs for a stylish entrance while the range’s Oversized models with their outsized watch faces and leather wristbands champion charming understatement. For a sneak peek at the different SHEEN categories and a comprehensive model overview, please visit

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