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CASIO´s fun Introduction to the world of music:
The new CASIOTONE models SA-50/SA-51


Norderstedt, June 1st, 2022 


Millions of people have their first musical experiences with a Casiotone keyboard. For many it is the beginning of a lifelong passion, for some even an imprint that later turns the hobby into a career. The new models, SA-50 and SA- 51, continue CASIO's vision of enabling as many people as possible to actively play music. This includes the very first musical instrument. In addition to the children's room, the new SA models will of course continue to be played and heard in other places: e.g. in music schools, as the tone set for the choir director in choir rehearsalsor simply anywhere where you can make music and have fun with the CASIOTONE SA's.


The models are available in two different color combinations SA-50 (white/lime green) and SA-51 (black/light grey), probably from August. 


Keyboard32 mini keys
Speaker-System0,5 + 0,5 (2x 8cm) 
Stereo Mini-JackImpedance 120 Ω
Power Adapter (optional)AD-E95100L (9,5V) 
Batteries6xAA (not included)
WeightCa.1,0 Kg (without batteries) 

You can download high-resolution images here:

Mood pictures SA-50:

Product pictures SA-50:


Mood pictures SA-51:

Product pictures SA-51:


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