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G-SHOCK with Bluetooth® v4.0

The watch of the future
The G-SHOCK with Bluetooth® v4.0 (power-saving Bluetooth® technology) offers battery-saving NFC technology at the touch of a button, all day long. The Bluetooth® v4.0 connection allows you to access a host of useful features and functions for your smartphone, such as incoming call and email alerts on your G-SHOCK, phone finder, link loss alert, automatic time adjustment, and much more.
All of the functions are powered by a single coin cell battery. which lasts up to two years and everything is protected by the world-famous G-SHOCK shock resistance.
This makes the G-SHOCK more sophisticated and more durable than ever.

* Bluetooth is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Main features

Incoming call alert
If your smartphone receives a call, the watch will beep or vibrate.
* With an iPhone, the caller information is not displayed.

Phone finder
If you press a button on your watch, your smartphone emits a sound so that you immediately know where it is. Simply touch the watch to stop the sound.

Automatic reconnection
If you take off your watch and don't wear it for a while, it switches to energy-saving mode and the communication functions are switched off. A switch inside the watch allows it to detect as soon as it is moved again and the watch automatically reconnects to the phone, with no manual operation required.
Incoming mail alert
This function lets you know if your smartphone receives an email. This function is especially practical if you always need to know straight away when you receive messages.
* An iPhone requires an email address to be registered with the special G-SHOCK+ app.
This function does not support any SMS or text message accounts.

Link loss alert
The G-SHOCK always vibrates if the connection between the watch and the smartphone is lost due to the distance being too great.

Automatic time adjustment
The watch receives the time from your smartphone and updates the time automatically when it changes. This function is very convenient for business or leisure travellers, who often need to change time zones.
* The watch updates its time setting as soon as the time setting on the smartphone is updated. Please note that some telecommunication companies do not offer automatic time adjustment to the local time.

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