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Beat of the 70's

Hard rock, funk, party, glamour und disco: The 70's were a time with lots of different types of music. Megastars like David Bowie, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Genesis and Queen thrilled the masses with their rock sound, John Travolta in flares and glittery shirt infected us with Saturday Night Fever - and Glam-Pop artists like ABBA and The BeeGees were often to be heard on the radio.

Travel through music history with CASIO and get the unmistakeable sound of the 70's on your CASIO keyboard.
Rhythms for CTK-691, WK-3000, WK-3500, CTK-900, WK-3200, WK-3300, WK-3700 and WK-3800.
Complete download
70's Beat 1
70's Beat 2
70's Dance
70's Disco
70's Funk
70's Party
70's Pop
70's Rock
70's German hits
Experience the world of musical possibilities – with the Internet Data Expansion System IDES for your high-performance keyboard. The software and even more sounds are available from the CASIO Music Site.
WK-3500 CTK-900 WK-3300 WK-3800

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