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Rhythms/Styles Special

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Music to listen to and download:

Let CASIO help you discover new genres of
music and get your favourite beats on your CASIO keyboard.
All rhythms are suitable for high-performance CTK-7000, CTK-6000, WK-7500 and WK-6500 keyboards, as well as for AT-3 and AT-5 oriental keyboards.




Bossa 1 (subBass)
Bossa 2
Bossa 5 (veryslow)
Bossa 7 (slow)
Cool & Gang
Funk 1
Hip Hop 1
Norte 19
Rosi Rock
Sertan 7

Did you like the rhythms? Then download the Top 10 as a complete package.

Top 10 package


If you want even more musical variety, there is a bigger package available that contains
50 rhythms to download:

50 rhythms


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