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Line up

  • PX-100

    Everything a beginner needs

  • PX-110

    Miracle in a small space: The entry level model of the PRIVIA class PX-110 with sensational sound volume.

  • PX-120

    Stylish launch into the world of music: with 128-voice polyphony, 11 AiF timbres and a new design housing, the PX-120 provides a simple and extremely elegant launch into the world of music.

  • PX-130WE/BK

    Ideal for any hobby pianist looking for first-class sound quality. The PX-130 features the new AiF Sound Source technology with Linear Morphing.

  • PX-200

    The ideal introduction to AiF Sound source for all demanding amateur pianists.

  • PX-300

    Everything the public demands

  • PX-310

    Hero on stage: The PRIVIA PX-310 is the ideal piano for home-studio and stage.

  • PX-320

    For people who want more: the four loudspeakers of the PRIVIA PX-320 offer a uniquely clear and authentic sound which impresses both on and off the stage. The additional rhythms of the accompanying music and the flexible memory options make the model a real multitalant.

  • PX-400R

    As an ensemble piano, the PX-400R combines the strengths of a high quality digital piano with innovative keyboard features.

  • PX-410R

    Ensemble artist: the newest technology meets a classic piano feel: experience the ensemble artist - the PRIVIA PX-410R digital piano.

  • PX-500L

    Everything you need for learning

  • PX-700

    Best effect - acoustically and visually: The PRIVIA PX-700 will fulfil the highest demands.

  • PX-720

    Outstanding performance: with a 128-voice polyphony, 88 touch-dynamic weighted keys and AiF timbres, the PX-720 sets the tone and adds a stylish touch.

  • PX-7WE

    Proof once again that high-tech white looks especially sophisticated. And nowhere is it more successful the CASIO anniversary model PRIVIA PX-7WE. The matt white body is matched by the matt "ivory touch" keyboard surface: the comfortable surface makes playing a real pleasure.

  • PX-730BK/CY

    Tangible sound perfection: The PRIVIA PX-730 produces an impressive sound that sounds natural in any size of room.

  • PX-3BK

    With the limited edition PRIVIA PX-3BK stage piano, CASIO has created a fantastic gift in its anniversary year for all live musicians. The PRIVIA PX-330, which forms the basis of the new limited edition piano, is taken to the next level for the stage.

  • PX-830BP

    Cutting-edge technology meets a classical piano sensation: First-class Linear Morphing AiF Sound Source technology gives the stylish PX-830 digital piano a particularly dynamic sound.

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