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Memory Giant

SmartMedia™ is the name of the innovative memory technology on compact cards that allows you to add to your song collection - quickly and easily. You can sing along to all the songs in the memory and on the card, or practise them in the learning system. Just as great: USB interface and General Midi.

Learning System

Learning SystemThis 3-level, interactive system will help you to achieve your learning goals. Step by step it assesses your progress.

50 Rhythms

50 RhythmsFrom waltz to salsa, the 50 rhythms a provide a colourful cross section from the world of music.

Sing-Along Function

Sing-Along FunctionThe party hit: 60 pre-installed songs to sing along to, other classics can be loaded.


SmartMedia™The innovative memory medium is the easy way to expand the internal song memory as much as you want.

USB Interface

USB InterfaceThe USB interface connects your keyboard to a computer quickly and easily.

General MIDI

General MIDIThis MIDI interface enhancement standardizes music data for easier transfer.

100 Tone Colours

100 Tone ColoursA wide repertoire of 100 high-quality tone colours..

Lighting Guide System

Lighting Guide SystemNow it's your turn: the LK-70S's illuminated keys are your guide to many songs - turning learning into fun.

Keylighting Special

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