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Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

Naturally Scaled Hammer Action KeyboardThe new Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard provides even a greater degree of grand piano touch by making the touch of lower range notes heavier and high range notes lighter, just like an acoustic keyboard. Fine acoustic touch plus all the versatility of a digital piano.

Stereo sampled Dual-element ZPI sound Source

Stereo sampled Dual-element ZPI sound SourceA stereo-sampled dual-element ZPI sound source includes separate waveforms for strong key pressure and light key pressure, which accentuates the differences between the sounds produced by each. Multiple stereo samples are also taken of tones produced by an acoustic grand, form the low range to the high range. Notes remain natural sounding and realistic form the moment a key is pressed until the note decays, providing you with sound quality that is virtually identical to that of an acoustic grand piano.

On Screen Fingering Guide

On Screen Fingering GuideThis option displays fingerings on the display panel graphically. Fingerings are indicated on the screen (1: Thumb, 2: Forefinger, etc), along with required keyboard pressure, finger crossovers, and more.

Voice Fingering Guide

Voice Fingering GuideVoice Fingering Guide uses a simulated human voice to call out the fingers you need to use whenever you stop playing the proper notes of a song. Voice Fingering Guide says "One" to indicate the thumb, "Two" for the forefinger, and so on. Using Key Lighting to learn the notes and Voice Fingering Guide to learn the fingerings helps to promote proper form and style.

Hand Position Guide

Hand Position GuideDual-color key lighting indicates both hand position and keys you need to play. Keys to play light red, keys where your middle three fingers should be positioned light yellow.

Song Controller

Song ControllerPlay/pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward controls for Music Library playback and lesson play let you control playback of songs with the same ease as a CD player or tape recorder. You can even use a Phrase Repeat feature to select a specific musical phrase for repeat play and practice. You can repeat preset phrases or you can specify the start point and end point of the phrase you want.

Music Library

Music LibraryThe CELVIANO's Music Library includes a choice of 80 tunes for lessons and your listening enjoyment, all of which were carefully selected to provide a collection of tunes suited to piano play (score book* included). User memory is also provided for storage of 10 of your own original compositions, or SMF data imported from an external source.

Pulse dynamic Microphone PM 2656 S (optional)

Pulse Dynamik Mikrophon PM-2656 S

  • Solid silver metalcorpus
  • Impedance: 600 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 71,4 +/- 2dB
  • Freq.response: 50Hz - 14500 Hz
  • With Cable XLR / 6,3 mono jack
  • Size (box) in mm: 235 x 138 x 68
  • Weight incl. box and cable: 950g

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